At the time of writing, Allen and the Black Team are about 30 miles from Slaven’s Roadhouse. They are currently sitting in fourth position behind Matt Hall, Brent Sass, Hugh Neff and with Ed Hopkins hot on their tail.

Slaven’s Roadhouse is a two story National Park Service cabin. They cook delicious mushers meals downstairs and upstairs is for mushers to sleep – Aliy said it was always really warm upstairs and that mushers look forward to stopping there for a few hours.

Slaven’s is not an official checkpoint so times in and out are not recorded; I am going by the tracker information only (disclaimer alert!).

At this point in the race it is difficult to give you any details or stories, other than what is reported elsewhere by media who are travelling the whole trail. Eagle Checkpoint and all the hospitality stops/dog drops between Dawson and Circle are not accessible by handlers as the roads are closed in the winter.

We do know the team stayed in Eagle checkpoint almost five hours, one hour more than the mandatory required stop of four hours as did most of the top five teams. The also had a six hour rest at Trout Creek Cabin. This cabin is on the south side of the Yukon River and is tucked back in the trees, well known by mushers.

Arrival at Slaven’s is also the trigger for our handler team to mobilise. As we made great time back from Dawson we will send just one truck up to Circle with Mark, Chris, Ruth and Padee being the offical welcoming committee and handler crew for the team. They have taken the satellite phone (thanks Kenai Satellite Phone Rentals) with them to call us with details and, if internet allows, may be able to send thorough some pictures.

While we wait for news you could catch up with Quest reports on KUAC – especially February 9th morning report where Molly Rettig interviewed Bridgett and Aliy at the Dawson Dog Camp.

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  • What a lovely place to take a few ZZZZZZ's and eat and gather strength!!!

    Thanks so much for this news (of quick and safe trip for handlers from YQ300)!!!


    As you note, no one knows what's going on yet…

    So I'll just keep my fingers crossed and wish real hard for good fortune on the trail for the brave 2-legged and awesome 4-legged athletes of the Black Team!!!

  • That looks like a cozy cabin to get out of the weather for a bit! These long stretches must be awesome on the runners of a sled with your Team out in front….I have been enjoying the radio updates and hearing the Mushers talk about the wonderful scenery along the trail.

    Safe travels to the Handler Crew!! Hope the Iditarod food drop bag packing is going well….I heard the race is starting once again from Fairbanks….a little easier logistically for you all on "game day"….but bummer no Alaska Range in the race this year.

  • Oh man, things are starting to happen fast for the spectators and fans as well! I'm sure the mushers and the dogs may not see it that way! They are on the trail, navigating obstacles, temperature extremes, etc. What a courageous group of people and dogs as well!!! Thank you all for the updates on Allan and the Black Team!!! Go SPK!!! ❤❤❤🐾🐾🐾🐾

  • Slaven's must be a very welcoming spot for the mushers. I'm sure Allen will enjoy a rest and warm meal there. It is looking like the dogs have determined that slow and steady is the best method for this journey. I hope Allen is ok with that and enjoying the ride.

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