I figured the first thing y’all want to know is who we have with us in the truck.

Aliy left Ernie with Wendy in Carmacks. He hadn’t been eating very well in the first two checkpoints and therefore simply didn’t have enough fuel to continue. He has been happily eating his fish snacks and broth since then and slept in the cab of the truck with Wendy as she drove to Pelly. Give him a few days and he’ll be back to his normal sweet self.

Aliy was disappointed she couldn’t take him along; we are always rooting for anyone from that “Five” litter to achieve.

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  • Thank you so much for this update! Many dog sponsors were on pins and needles, I'm sure. SP Kennel crew members are top notch! Thanks again.

  • Thanks so very much for this – and isn't it grand to be able to take the dogs who must leave the team right along to some in-truck TLC and fish snacks etc?

    Lovely dogs, so adorable – get well and enjoy recovery!!!


    ("Woof woof!!!")

  • SP Kennel is always on top of potential or emerging problems with the dogs. they always "err" on the side of caution & that's 1 of the many reasons SPK is so well-loved. another reason is updates that follow as quickly as possible when a dog is dropped. thanks for thinking of us when you have so many other things on your mind!! rest up, Ernie & Daisy- there's another race on the horizon!

  • I bet we are all rooting for any of the Five, all the time. But I was really glad for the extra TLC for Ernie (riding in the truck!) and the note about what a sweet boy he is. You are right that this is what most of us want to know about. For most of us watching from afar, everyone of these canine and human athletes is of utmost concern. And you. Because you bring us the news. Thanks for that.

  • Sorry to hear about Ernie & Daisy ( our fan club dog ) 😢But there health and well being is most important and Aliy & Allen certainly make sure of that 😍.safe journey and happy trails for the rest of ❤️🖤🐾🐾. Denali 🐾🐾& Joanne 🇦🇺

  • Rest up Ernie & Daisy. Thanks for updates & keep "eating up the miles". Go SPK, Allen & Aliy.

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