After a long cold night on the creek Allen and the Black Team pulled in to Central at 6.24am.

They will rest there for a bit before tackling Eagle Summit. Although the run from Central to Mile 101 Checkpoint is ‘only’ 28 miles there is one large obstacle in the way. Eagle Summit. It rises to 3685 feet over 8.5 miles. It’s a big climb for teams that have already run over 800 miles.

As if we weren’t watching the tracker enough already, this is the section of trail we won’t take our eyes off it, watching every inch willing them up and over.

More details as they come.

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  • Glad the Team made it through that real cold spot of the trail….now just a hop, skip and a BIG jump left to the finish!

    Here is a tip on how to enjoy watching the climb up and over Eagle. Change your background view on the Tracker to be "MyTopo"…that is in the upper left hand corner drop down menu of the main tracker view. Then zoom in close. The topo map gets real detailed as you zoom in. Those contour lines are 100' contours….and the closer they are together the steeper the topography. Watching the tracker in this format makes you appreciate the steepness since you can see the topo lines where the Team is at. You will also be able to make out the "saddle" they go through….Eagle Summit proper is off to the left towards the road and is labeled…there is also a high spot on the right…the trail goes between these two high spots and can be seen as a relativly flat spot on the topo map…this is called a saddle or "pass". Its fun to watch the Teams go up slowly, hit the saddle and boom, speed up downhill!

  • Nice post Nessmuk! Thanks for the reminder of USGS maps availability!!!

    It was a relief (no pun intended) to realize that the trek was not like up to the tip top of a peak, plant the "SP Kennel" flag … and have to do it twice!!!

    (Trail looks like the topo of land we have left in Weston CT as yet to come in for subdivsion.)

    Some day Ernie may do the Eagle Summit – as his namesake might have done in Antarctica!!!

  • So they must be resting in advance of the assault on the summit???

    If I were a four-legged team member, I could use some turkey skins and a little TLC before going for the high point…WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!

    Go doggies go!!! WOOF!!!

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