The handler crew have rolled out of Dawson City and are headed for Circle City. As the crow flies (or rather, as the dogs mush) it is 310 miles. As the handler truck drives it is 1050 miles.

They will be incommunicado for most of the drive.  Can’t wait to hear the stories of Dawson! Keep an eye on the Yukon Quest Facebook page and website!  Of course, the tracker will give you lots of run/rest information and the leaderboard will give you up-to-date checkpoint information.  I will keep you updated on the Dog Log until Moira is back in range.

Aliy, Moira and Mark will be heading back past Pelly, Carmacks, Braeburn and the outskirts of Whitehorse before turning West and driving towards Alaska.  It will take them close to 20 hours to make the trek. I’m sure they will be very ready for a bed by the time they reach SP Kennel in Two Rivers!

Chris and Ruth will head up to Circle City early to ensure we have friendly faces waiting to greet the team. Aliy and Moira head back to the kennel to work on Iditarod Drop Bags.  Mark and Padee will go north, meeting up with Chris and Ruth at either Circle or Central.

Each year, Jenny from Sipping Streams Tea Company in Fairbanks provides musher tea to all the checkpoints.

This year, she provided each handler team with some too! They will enjoy this on the drive back, especially Moira! 

Keep the caffeine coming! Thanks Jenny!

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  • This makes my head spin! 20 hour drive, 1,000+ mile truck trek, and on top of it all Iditarod drop bags to prepare! I'm tired just thinking about it! I have seen your roads in the winter….you all become ice road truckers about this time of year! Yeah…keep the caffeine coming….I'm about to have my morning coffee….I'll drink my first cup to you all…safe travels!!

  • Thanks for update, Kaz(?). Quite a long drive for handler team. Allen will be happy to see friendly faces in Chris & Ruth. Go Allen hoping you move on up in the standings. Ah for a cup of tea!

  • WOOF WOOF WOOF for caffeine!!!

    Thanks for the rundown on who is where and going where…


    We had 10 inches of snow in Weston CT – a sign we are with you in spirit and now also in coloration!!!


  • Wow! What a trek for everyone involved! Drive carefully you all! Godspeed to the handlers, the musher and the dogs!!!

  • Yes – drive carefully, handlers. And travel safely down the trail, Allen and the Black Team. Thanks to all of you for sharing your race with us.

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