A crowd of family, friends, supporters and race fans turned from about 9.30pm last night ready to welcome our team home. With the finish line being off the river we couldn’t see them coming so look-outs were posted at the Steese Highway Bridge to alert us to their imminent arrival. To see Allen’s headlamp, flopping dog ears then faces appear up the ramp was so exciting.

They crossed the line to cheers and whoops! All tails wagging. Dutch and Amber seemed keen to continue for a bit longer, lunging in their harnesses. Mismo and Izzy looking like old pros faced the throng of photographers without batting an eyelid. Commando and Junior circled around and around and Spark gave kisses to all and sundry. Kodiak and Amber got close up with one of the photography team and Champ and Rodney stood even a little prouder than they already did. Chipper and Felix looked around seemingly taking it all in.

They all wolfed down their thawed salmon and beef snacks and enjoyed the attention of the crew. Aliy introduced all the dogs individually to the crowd as Allen petted each one, thanking them for their hard work over the last 10 days.

When asked his favourite part of the 2017 Yukon Quest Allen replied “Getting over Eagle Summit with no problems, they just went straight up”. He also mentioned that he didn’t get wet from overflow once, a rarity on the Yukon Quest Trail.

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  • We are so proud of the entire SPKennel crew and teams. Chica is especially proud of Ernie and Ginger on the red team and especially proud of Rodney on the black team!!!! Great races! Looking forward to Iditarod.

  • Good dogs indeed! I'm just thrilled for Rodney. "My" first litter to follow has really been the five litter (Five's my guy, you know!) and I am so happy to see part of that litter racing. For Rodney to have made it 1,000 is tremendous. Go fives, go!! And as always, thank you so much for continuing to send videos and pictures and stories. We never get tired of them!

  • WOOF WOOF WOOF – how lovely is all of this, thanks ever so much to the SP Kennel Crew for keeping us in the picture, so proud of the youngsters and slightly older youngsters on the Black Team for such a wonderful ride!!!

    And thanks also for the news that Black Team musher suffered no overflow issues (meaning perhaps wet boots not a problem?).

    What a wonderful adventure for everyone!!!

    Thanks again for keeping "in the game!"


  • Allen does it again! A large team of happy healthy pups that look like they have another 1000 miles left in them.

    Rest up, stretch out, and get out for some more fun. Happy healthy trails to all of you.

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