It is always tempting to wrap the potential Yukon Quest athletes in cotton wool about two weeks from the race start to ensure nothing happens to them that might rule them out of contention. BUT, of course, that is the last thing you should do with sled dogs… they would go C.R.A.Z.Y!!

During the final week before heading over to Whitehorse, Allen took the team on a few longer runs, from the Two Rivers Checkpoint to the finish line. All the Two Rivers mushers will face a similar issue as they have to run their teams right near their kennels about half way through the last leg of the 1000 mile race. Therefore many of them train the final checkpoint run with yummy treats and a welcoming party at the finish to help try to head off any potential hesitation the dogs might have running through their neighbourhood.

Here’s a quick video of them finishing one of those runs into town where Aliy and Ruth picked them up.

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