The team left Central checkpoint after about six hours rest, looking enthusiastic. Allen was in a great mood and ready to tackle Eagle Summit with his 12 team mates. The temperatures have turned – gone are the -40Fs and they were more like -10F in the area. The conditions over Eagle Summit appear to be relatively calm, which is a relief as it can often have howling winds and windblown trails to couple with the steep uphills.

While at Central the vet team did a thorough check on the team and they all ate really well and rested hard, as did Allen. Everyone was fighting fit to continue.

Central Corner, home of great burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches; Allen fills his water flask

Unfortunately, just at the crucial moment Two Rivers lost internet connection AND the trackers went down so we couldn’t watch the team up and over the top. Maybe it was a good thing as it can get very tense and stressful watching inch by inch, but it didn’t stop us sending good vibes telekinetically to them. Thanks to you all for doing the same! We were happy to receive word that the team has arrived into Mile 101 Checkpoint. They arrived at 5.19pm with a great run time of 5 hours, 6 minutes.

The team on arrival; sunset at Mile 101

The handler crew is also at Mile 101 checkpoint, they said Allen has fed the dogs and is quickly bolting down some g eggs. Last time he was a 101 he ate a dozen! After climbing the summit I reckon it will be at least that. We can’t wait to hear his story of how the climb went.

Allen with a musher’s breakfast! Our special correspondent on the trail (and Chipper sponsor) Padee

After Mile 101 comes Rosebud Summit – another enormous climb. Evidently the trail over Rosebud is the best in years so we will be watching intently as they tackle that one also. Once over Rosebud it is downhill to the Two Rivers checkpoint. Our local trails are experiencing some overflow so they may get that thrown into the mix.

EDIT: We just heard the team is back on the trail toward Two Rivers after a short stop at the checkpoint!

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  • I was wondering if he (and everyone else) had stopped in their tracks… But I notice that he has gone on past Mile 101 and on his way to Two Rivers – WOW!

  • Nice to hear Allen and team are good to go on the home stretch. Only
    Rosebud left. Am anxious to hear a few of his stories. Just glad the
    weather did warm up a bit. Now–Go Allen and doggies!!
    Thanks to the SP Crew for all your help!!

  • That is awesome news!! Like everyone else, I was a bit bummed about the tracker not working….sure…it had to go down on this exciting leg instead of somewhere "boring" like winding Birch Creek…but the important thing is they did GREAT!! I bet Izzy (being the only dog who experienced climbing Eagle in that direction) was like "yeah, this is it….come on Team lets GO"!

    Wow….on the way to Two Rivers….the home stretch is in sight! Go SPK Black Team!

  • Whew! In the home stretch now! Keep up the great work, SPK! So proud of all of you!! Will be hitting that refresh all day today. (I have a great boss who, while she doesn't "get" my love of this sport, tolerates my need to have the tracker up!). We are all pulling this team forward now!

  • Yes . Congratulations on getting over Eagle Summit. Everything is 'downhill' (ok – not Rosebud….but the rest…) from here. Go SPK! Go Allen! Go doggies!

  • Yes, bummer on the tracker having a hang up last night. I'm an early riser so decided not to wait for the tracker to work & get a good night's rest last night. I will definitely watch today unfold from work (hopefully work will not get in the way, LOL) Go SPK Black Team. So happy and proud od the entire team. Thanks also to handler crew.

  • Amazing good news!!! Well deserved eggs and whatever else was in the menu! How are the pups??? Is Allen still traveling with twelve?? Those young pups are wonderful! Good job!

  • Yet another tremendous run for you and the team, Allen! Bravo to you and all your fabulous athletes in harness. Great race! Enjoy the final runs into Fairbanks.

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