The Black Team arrived into Circle at 9.18am with all 12 dogs that left Dawson. It has been exactly, to the minute, three days since we last saw them!

Allen pulled in with Mismo and Dutch in lead. Aliy was really pleased to see him up there as Dutch is often in his brothers Kodiak’s and Commando’s shadows so he has finally got his moment.

Once Allen arrived and officially checked in he immediately snacked the dogs on some high-fat turkey skins and dry kibble. He will prepare their warm meal later but he wanted to get some good calories into them straight away. They would also have been snacking all the way from Slaven’s over night.

Evidently Allen is in great spirits. He is pleased to get the team to Central. Turns out the team did pick up a bug that caused some runny bellies but he feels like the 8+ hour rest at Slaven’s and some meds has really helped them and he thinks they are on an upward swing again. They are eating really well now and seem happy again. They had lost their “pep” and he joked about the slow pace saying, in his Arkansas drawl: “You can’t push a turtle”.

Allen with daughters Jennifer and Bridgett; Handler crew posing for their debut album cover

He will give them a good rest in Circle before heading towards Central. This next leg is where they drop onto the infamous Birch Creek. It seems it is always either extremely cold or covered in overflow or both so he will be fortifying the team and himself for whatever challenge it throws at them.

After that comes Eagle Summit!

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  • Fantastic update. Whew, relief!. So glad to know they all are doing well and eating well now. Way to go Dutch! Rest well Allen and pups. Thank you so much for the good news!

  • Thank you so much for the update because you know we are waiting, waiting, waiting. Glad to hear all are ok or on the mend and happy to hear that Dutch had his time to shine. The good wishes continue from here in Erie!

  • Ditto with what Cindy said!! Great update with a huge PHEW on the side for us fans!! I saw the photo of the Team on the YQ Facebook Page and I was like "is that Dutch"? Yeah Buddy….you go Dutch!!

    Birch Creek next…..gulp….40 degrees below zero….Jeezum Crimminy Crow!! Then after that Eagle Summit…..lots of milestones yet to go….steady as you go Black Team!!

    Thank you for the update…..MUCH appreciated!!

  • I'm sure it's great to see him again after 3 days. Thanks for the great photos and the update. Glad to hear he's in good spirits and the dogs are feeling peppier. More challenges await in the form of the famous summits and I have no doubt that Allen and the fantastic dogs will be up to the task. Go Black Team!

  • AWESOME!!! Ditto to all above comments!!!

    So very happy the dogs are A-OK now and in condition to tackle the adversities mother nature has in their path…beside overflow in 40 below zero – how can that happen??? – the double peaks of Eagle Summit – WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!

    Go Black Team!!!

  • Thank you much for the update! I'm very relieved that they are safe, fed and resting, both Allan and pups!!! It is so amazing to see how neat and orderly Allan's sled contents are!!! Tricky trail ahead, but I'm totally confident that SPK will shine in the days to come!!! Many congratulations, and thank you again for the great update!!!

  • After that challenging run, Allen must have been especially pleased to see his two daughters great him. Sounds like there is some handler truck karaoke going on to pass the time. So happy that the dogs are feeling better now.

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