The Dawson Dog Camp is one of my favourite places on earth. It is a peaceful place even though there are multiple dogs teams coming and going and handlers setting about their work. To know that our athletes are being pampered with all the care and attention we can give them and that they are enjoying their cozy rest before setting out again just makes me smile.

When the team first got in last night they had two serious tasks, eat and sleep. As the hours have ticked by their needs are changing – this afternoon they were ready to get up and have a good stretch-out walk or jog up and down the driveway and be a bit more sociable with their team mates and us. Very soon they will be wanting to get moving properly; they’re feeling great and are starting to get restless to be back out on the trail.

Molly Rettig from KUAC interviews Aliy; Amber rests

Dutch and Mismo are roomies; Mark walks Mismo and Commando

I heart Kodiak; Rodney enjoys and ear scratch

Champ and Spark out for a stretch-out; Champ snuggles

We are about half way through the rest break. Shortly the dogs get another meal and Bridgett will sleep over at camp with the them tonight. In the morning we will all head over the river; Allen will pack his sled with essential and contingency supplies for the 150 miles ahead to Eagle checkpoint and we’ll dress the dogs for the forecast frigid temperatures and set them their way at 10.18am.

No video yet, I’ll do some catch ups as soon as internet connectivity will allow.

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  • this is probably my favorite part of the race too, Moira. Now that I think about it. I devote a lot of my life to keeping our dogs happy and secure and to see that same love devoted to the SPK team is very sooting, reassuring. It's something I can hold on to when other things around me are not as love filled or cherished.

    I am looking forward to the video.

  • Oh yeah….massage the pups, feed the pups, walk the pups and repeat!!! Its a lot of work but I suspect the handlers (and dogs) love it!!! Thanks for the KUAC reminder…they have nice race updates and you can play them back at your own leisure.

    Almost time to get back on the trail…we'll be watching…..go SPK Black Team!!!


    What a lovely post – love to see the "dog walking" normalcy (perhaps not "normal" for Alaskan Huskies) – WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!



  • Makes me smile seeing them snuggled down and cozy in the straw. There is never a doubt that these beautiful dogs will get the best care by you all. The picture of Mark walking Commando and Mismo is beautiful! I can see how it would be peaceful there even with activity surrounding it.

  • Thanks for the update, Moira! It's a testament to SPK that you take the time to keep us engaged and in the loop. You know we love you all from here in Erie!

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