Want to know how to follow along with the Yukon Quest and YQ300? As always, you will find SP Kennel-centric news right here throughout the race.

We may also post directly to our Facebook and Instagram pages when posting from the blog is more challenging.

Remember that the Yukon Quest goes through remote Yukon and Alaskan wilderness so internet may not be fantastic at times. I (Moira) am on the ground in the Yukon side and will post whenever it’s possible but I likely won’t upload any video from the trail as the checkpoint internet needs to be shared with all the other teams also.

Kaz is on hand to keep you updated if I am unable to get you information, and for when the handler crew is on that loooong drive between Dawson City and Fairbanks.

Your best bet for the whole race and other mushers is the Yukon Quest Facebook page and website. There will be trackers on the YQ1000 and YQ300 teams as well as an up-to-date leaderboard.

The “Visual Content Team”: L-R Chance, Whitney, Steve, Julien and in Front: Mark. These talented people will be taking pics and video throughout the race for the Yukon Quest. (Do you know how hard it is to get a photo of photographers?)

Local news organisations, including race sponsors Fairbanks Daily News Miner and CKRW The Rush, will also be covering the events and I will try to link stories as they come up.

We also thank you in advance for your patience if either Allen or Aliy drop or “return” a dog to us. Sometimes we don’t find out who it is right away as it could be in one of the remote checkpoints/stops. We will bring you the information as soon as we are able.

You may wish to bookmark all these links now and start warming up your “refresh finger”. The countdown is on!

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  • wait a minute…you mean there are other mushers in this race???? of course my heart and biggest cheers belong to SPK but there are some others that I do admit to having a bit of fondness – wishing the best to all the mushers and dogs for great races (and by great I mean finishing 2nd LOL) – I have these and other sites already bookmarked and my refresh finger and limber and ready to rock and roll – thanks Moira, Kaz, Mark & Wendy for all you do to bring us news from the trail – any impatience we show is offset 10 times over by our excitement to cheer Allen & Aliy down the trail

  • Thank you, Moira. You always do a great job with what you have. LOL at the looong drive between Dawson City and Fairbanks. We drove to Whitehorse from Fairbanks and then the next day Whitehorse to Dawson City. I thought we would NEVER get to Dawson City. Man, that leg can take a while all by itself.

    Too bad Top of the World is not open in winter – that summer route made the drive very tolerable in comparison!

  • Got all the important sites bookmarked…..been practicing my refresher skills…we are ready for the Yukon Quest….our Super Bowl Part 1!!! Thanks to you in advance for keeping us up to date during the race!!

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