The handler crew is in Circle and enjoying the hospitality of the team up there. The drive was non-eventful but the road a little icy. They were pleased to get there in the daylight.

We are, of course, awaiting the Black Team’s arrival into Circle tomorrow morning. We do know that the trail has been windblown making it slower going. It is also very cold, the forecast -40F arrived. But, their speeds are not quite what we might expect so we are anxiously waiting to see them to find out if there have been any issues outside of a slow trail.

We do know there was a bug that went around a few of the front running teams and it is possible that a few dogs may have picked that up which could be why Allen is resting them more than we might usually expect at this point. He rested the team for 6.5 hours already at Slaven’s which is more than his ‘A’ plan would suggest but he did make a few contingency plans so we will be watching what happens from here. As you know, he will always put the dogs’ health before race results so whatever is going on, he will be putting their needs first.

In the meantime we will keep refreshing the tracker (three minutes is just too long to wait for it to automatically refresh!) and sending good vibes down the trail to the team.

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  • Thank you for the update. I have been watching his times and his stay at Slaven's, feeling like I would be a lot happier if her were on the trail – but I know he must have a few extra meals to tide him over so the trail between Slaven's and Circle City is still doable (right?).

    Since they do have communication at Slaven's, it is dog drop and the park service opens it for the race (right?), we would have heard if anything drastic was going on.


  • I feel better seeing Allen and Ed on the river together on this cold night out there. I agree…..3 minutes is like FOREVER at times!! The trail report from Circle looks fantastic….I know Birch Creek can be troublesome at times….but this year it looks to be behaving! My goodness….40 below…..I can't imagine it!! Stay bundled up and warm everyone!

  • Glad to know the handler crew made it safe to circle. The unknown factors like dog virus, extreme cold and trail conditions are tough to plan around. Game plans are just a plan. We have full confidence that Allen will do what is best for his team. Onward to the finish doggies.

  • Lots of positive thoughts going out to the dogs and Allen on this long, cold night. I'm too am glad to see him and Ed close together. Three minutes is a long time!

  • Yukon Quest never fails to prove it's worth does it? And yes 3 mins is hard…harder is when you refresh and tracker hasn't updated in 10 mins! Best wishes to the team

  • Hoping for the best for all of the Balck Team members. We will be waiting to hear. Three minutes feels like foreve, I know!

  • I hope Allen and all of his teammates are ok. It looks like they will arrive in Circle in about an hour. It will be nice to take a rest near family and friends.
    Thank you for the update.

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