It was so good to see everyone again! They have seen so much on their trails since we last caught a glimpse of them leaving Pelly Crossing. They’ve climbed summits, travelled on the river and through the historic Klondike gold mining regions. If only those trails could talk, the stories they would tell.

The Black Team was fourth into Dawson at 10.18pm tonight. The dogs looked fantastic, I know I say that all the time but they truly did. Bridgett almost lost fingers giving them their fish snacks and they were ready to continue down the trail to camp. It was exciting to see them looking so good.

Once they arrived into the chute Aliy mushed the team over the river while Allen followed in the truck so he could be present during the vet checks. Aliy said it is great to have the vet team do an exam right away so they can listen to hearts and lungs and go through each dog thoroughly. Everyone looks great!

Allen talked about the beautiful scenery today especially up on King Solomon’s Dome where they were above the clouds and all you could see was blue sky and the peaks of the highest mountains. He was really pleased with the team, they are all eating everything and that is great to see!

Black team arrives to Dawson; interviews

The plan now for every one of the team is to sleep. Aliy is with the dogs and the rest of us in town. Will give you more details and stories tomorrow, in the meantime: nigh-night!

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  • Glad everyone is in Dawson City and eating and sleeping well! It will be a productive day for me at work considering the race is paused for a moment! I have been a bit distracted for the past few days to put it mildly!

    I will keep an eye out for the enjoyable Dog Camp massage and TLC post! Always a pleasure to see them getting the spa treatment!

  • A well deserved rest for all! Thanks for the update, Moira. As always, looking forward to hearing more. Thinking of you all!

  • Oh what a dream – to come into the halfway point after so many miles and so much work and cold and to have a team that is healthy and happy and HUNGRY! That shows the training and care that goes into SPK 4-leggeds both during the race and long before. Go Black Team! Allen – hope you get lots of sleep. We will all be anxiously waiting for the next narrative. It's so interesting to read what everyone does in the checkpoints. Thank you for sharing.

  • Wonderful!
    Enjoy the time in Dawson.

    Moira you put us right there with your words,
    it's amazing. Thank you!!!

    No finger snacks guys.

  • I always love this time of the race… looking forward to more stories. Thanks so much for the updates. Even the Yukon Quest website/Facebook tips their hat to the SP Kennel Dog Log!

  • Time for a well deserved rest for Allen and the team. Allen get your rest for the second half of the race. The dogs will be enjoying spa treatment by super handlers. Welcome to Dawson City.

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