The Black Team has arrived into Circle City! Phew.

Allen and Ed Hopkins travelled the 55-odd miles between Slaven’s Roadhouse to Circle together. It would have been COLD out there on the river and I guess they decided for safety sake they would keep track of each other.

There is a huge welcoming committee up in Circle to greet them. Allen daughters Bridgett and Jennifer travelled up early this morning and joined handler crew Mark, Chris, Ruth and Padee so there are plenty of upbeat, happy faces to greet them. After a long cold night on the river that would surely perk anyone up!

Allen will be completing his checkpoint arrival chores right now and we will await some details from the crew.

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  • Bridgett, Jennifer, Mark, Chris, Ruth and Padee thank you for being there to show Allen and his team some love and support for all of us. Thank you for all your hard work behind the scenes. I hope you all have a chance to get some rest soon, after seeing that all the team members are in good shape.
    Lots of love!!!

  • So glad they are in Circle….phew is right!! Can't believe it's going to be minus 47 on Birch Creek tonight…..that's crazy cold!! Im sure the Mushers appreciate getting indoors after spending hours out in the cold. Enjoy the heat and the pups get to enjoy some extra straw as they all rest up for the next push….Brrrrrr!!

  • Thanks so very, very much…clinging to the news.

    Altho' there was a nice way to find out quickly when Black Team came in (Race Tracker then Leader board and then horizontally "scroll" to the right)…

    Allen's arrival came earliest (for me to find, in any event) there.

    Stay warm!!!

    WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! And another WOOF!!! for the Crew!!!

    Looking forward to news when you get the chance – no hurry.

  • I believe this is the first time Matt has been in the lead on this race, and he has possibly left the trail, and followed Burch Creek. This is one of the hazards of being in the lead. I'm praying for his safety, but wouldn't mind at all if he lets the others catch up a bit. Rest and regroup Matt. Allen and Aliy certain put in more than their fair share of time blazing the trail.

  • Glad to hear they arrived safely and truly happy to know that Allen partnered up with Ed, even if he had to slow the team down to do it. Once again, sportsmanship on the part of both teams. I hope that all are able to warm up and adjust before heading back out into the cold. Brrrr. All our best as you continue on……

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