Thank you to all our Red Team and Black Team members! We appreciate your support and couldn’t do what we do without you.

If you are not already a Team Member now would be a good time. If you “Join The Team” before February 26 we will be able to post your team membership packet out to you before the Iditarod and you will receive an “End of the Trail” postcard from Nome. Memberships received after then will have their packets after the Iditarod and the postcard will be sent from Pleasant Valley Store and Trailside Mail in Two Rivers.

This year we will be printing out lists of all Red Team and Black Team members to ride in the sled with Aliy and Allen so you will be virtually travelling down the Iditarod trail.

The Red Team membership thank you packet has a new design SP Kennel t-shirt and you can “upgrade” your membership for an extra $15 and we will include an iconic SP Kennel red beanie. Note: beanies are not available on their own, you can only get one through the upgraded team membership.

Our Black Team membership thank you packet has a cotton tote which is great for carrying a laptop, your lunch or some groceries or, indeed, anything you want. You can upgrade your membership of the Black Team also and receive a black SPK beanie.

To become a team member you can hit the “Join the Team” button on the left at any time during the season, or you can hit this one now:

8 Responses

  • I absolutely love my red t-shirt. No matter where the teams place this year, I pray that Aliy and the dogs recapture their love of the Iditarod trail and that everyone has a safe journey. I will be excited to "check in" to each checkpoint even if it is only on paper in the bottom of the sled! What a great idea.

    Go SPK!


  • Everything SP Kennel does is done with style, class and maximum efficiency!!!

    You guys are an example of an organization that works like a Swiss watch – 2 legs or 4-legs, team or support staff all!!! WOOF!!!

    So looking forward to my Red Team shirt perhaps in time for Iditarod XLV!!! In any event, I will be laying out my red and black outfits for those days to come soon…


  • Wonderful SPK dogs don't care if they're running Red or Black. Two great mushers run thrilling challenging races. Why in the world would you discount the Black Team??

  • Margaret's comment above (or below depending on how this posts) made me laugh….I thought I was the only one who got out my SPK gear for the races! The red team Tshirts are awesome. Lisa has the tote bag for her black team membership but uses it as decoration in her home office. Visitors don't quite get it, but that is their loss! LOL! It's so exciting to know that we will be on the trail, well at least our names. That is just way too cool!! Love SPK, one and all!

  • How fun is that!?!?! I hope many more fans sign up to join a team, or both teams.

    I had my red team shirt on this past Sunday while helping with my daughter's dogs as she and fiancé were taking engagement pics (the dogs were in a few pics). The shirt is a conversation starter and when talking with the photographer and her helper about my enthusiasm for the sport, the conversation led to dog team positions (lead, team wheel). They thought I was so knowledgeable, LOL!

  • I love my shirt and I always wear it during a race. The beanie is the best fitting hat (and warm) ever! How cool putting the team member lists in the sleds so we can all ride along. Have a great race, Aliy and Allen.

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