Thank you DogLog readers!

Sometime during the “organised-yet-slightly-chaotic” couple of weeks that saw the Copper Basin 300, Two Rivers 200/100, Yukon Quest Food Drops and Northern Lights 300 we achieved a fantastic and noteworthy milestone for the DogLog.


We are so excited to hit that milestone and thank you all. We appreciate every view and comment.

We know there are easier ways to share information with you: directly via Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, and occasionally do that, but we love the DogLog. We enjoy being able to bring you slightly more in-depth stories and share pics, videos and interesting links within the posts. The feedback we get is that you enjoy it also and hopefully find it both entertaining AND informative.

Our audience sources are from all around the globe. Here’s our top 10 country views (right).

Below is an all-time graph of views – each peak is January to March with the highest viewing being during the Iditarod. Shall we see if we can break the record this year?

7 Responses

  • We thank you. The doglog is popular only because of your great reporting and insights into your lifestyle and the kennel. You are the ones that make it enjoyable by including us outsiders.

  • 3 million! Wow! Congratulations and thank you. We do love the in depth nature of the DogLog and I am always so happy when there is a new 'Log' to read. Onward and upward!

    All the best to everyone at SPK from Erie, PA!

  • Holy dog racer's! We rock.. I found you on the internet so many years ago. Because of the show "Northern Exposure's" web site internet feature- people who like this also were interested in this … That brought me in contact with you… WOW look at us now SPK'blogers!
    THANKS for ALL the enormous efforts you go to keeping us informed, connected and educated on what it's really like to be principled, dog loving and competitive Mushers. We LOVE all who make this possible!!! THANK YOU, Awoooolll.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Congratulations! That's a huge milestone, but I'm not really surprised by it. This is such a great blog and, as others have said, you all at SPKennel make it interesting and fun. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your world through this blog.

  • Dittos to all the comments above!!! We love being die hard SPK "DogLoggers"!!! Its my daily routine to check in over morning espresso, afternoon breaks and for my "after dinner mint"! Thank you for keeping the Dog Log alive and well…Facebook is fun….but the Dog Log AWESOME!!! Love the indepth coverage of everything SPK!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • We love the dog log …especially not being Facebook users. It' so interesting and enjoyable so much so that we decided several years ago to support the dog log and this year we have joined the fan page and support Daisy . We chose Daisy because she was born around the same time as my Denali the golden retriever …who gets excited and pulls like a sled dog when he gets the scent of something . So keep up the great work so the rest of your world wide SPK family can keep sleding with you. Cheers from Denali and Joanne From Australia 🐾🐾🇦🇺

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