On the way down to Glennallen I made a double random draw for our Copper Basin 300 themed Dog Fan Club Draw. Congratulations to Kathy Ferrell who is a fan of VIOLET and Ingabritt who is a fan of SISSY

Violet and Sissy

Violet looks great and is sassy as ever. She has moved into Boondooks spot in the yard and now has “Big” (but really small) boots to fill. We think she can do it. She is SUPER talented and excited about running, barking and playing. You can’t get better than that! Violet and Sissy will both be running on Aliy’s team for the race.

Sissy is worked up this season and ready to roll. She has a flair about herself that really makes a musher happy. How she is always so incredibly excited to run, run, run… is amazing. She looks great physically and is certainly holding her own.

Kathy and Ingabritt both win a CB300 poster that features the SP Kennel Black Team, signed by Aliy and Allen plus a photo print portrait of Violet and Sissy. We hope you enjoy your packets!

We will be doing a Dog Fan Club draw next Friday, January 20th which will coincide with the Two Rivers 200/100 race. Everyone who has joined by then and hasn’t already won will be in the draw to win!

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  • Congrats Ingabritt and Kathy!!! Sissy with her mustache and enthusiasm along with Violet with her sassy attitude will no doubt help the Red Team motor on down the trail!

  • Congratulations Ingabritt and Kathy.
    And to a couple of my favorite gals, Sissy and Violet, run your tails off out there with Aliy, eat all your food, and have fun!

  • Sooo happy to read this. Just love these dogs. Remember every meeting with Sissy! She is just great with a sweet and strong shining star-heart. Please give her a hug from me next time possible. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the inspiring messages. I picked Violet out of the 11 as
    a star. She is not the only one in that liter but she took my heart.
    I will always love you Violet!

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