Congratulations to all the place getters, prizewinners and finishers in the Two Rivers 200 and 100!

Tonight was the finish banquet and prize giving at the Two Rivers Lodge and it was a fun evening where all the competitors got to catch up with each other and share trail stories.

Aliy was awarded the Veterinarian’s Choice award for the TR100 – thanks to Chena Ridge Veterinary Clinic for donating the prize and for being official vets for the race.

For taking first place, Aliy was also awarded a beautiful Qiviut (musk ox wool) hat made and donated by Nicolle Hendrix – who also happens to be dog sponsor to our Chevie! Thanks Nicolle, it is a truly gorgeous piece.

Special thanks also to all the sponsors of the race and to the checkpoint hosts Chatanika Lodge, Two Rivers Lodge, Pleasant Valley Store and Angel Creek Lodge. If you are ever in the area make sure you stop by any or all of these local businesses.

The race could not have happened without the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association, especially President Stacy, Trail Boss Abbey, Race Marshall Sebastian and Race Judge Darren. Thanks also to the many many volunteers who made the staging of the race possible.

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  • Some awesome prizes got handed out last night! Qiviut hats are absolutely beautiful and 8 times warmer than wool! Congrats again to Aliy and the Red Team!

  • Congratulations to the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association for putting on these two races and giving all of us the opportunity to cheer for 2 and 4 legged SP Kennel racers!!!


    And a big WOOF WOOF to the Red Team on their consummate 100 miler performance!!! WOOF!!!

    And no thank you could ever be complete without a shout out to the SP KENNEL CREW who keep us on our toes and informed!!!


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