We love racing in our local Two Rivers races. We’re fielding two teams in the TR100 and one in the TR200. The race starts today (Friday) at noon up at the Chatanika Lodge. SP Kennel’s entire kennel philosophy can be seen in these race rosters. Each team is looking to have ‘success’ in their own race. Let’s have some FUN out there!

Ruth will run the Red & Black 200 (R&B200) team in the 200 mile race while Aliy will run the Red Team and Chris a young Red & Black 100 (R&B100) Team in the 100 mile race.

The trails are mostly familiar and the checkpoints are local. The race started out at Chatanika Lodge with the first checkpoint at the Two Rivers Lodge, then a stop at the Pleasant Valley Store. The 100 mile race finishes there. The 200 mile competitors will then go out to Angel Creek Lodge and return back to the Pleasant Valley Store.

Ruth will be wearing bib number 14 and her team for the 200 mile race is Chena, Chemo, Olivia, Schmoe, Five, Bean, Sanka, Hotshot and Iron.

Ruth with her bib, Chris and his Dad Steve who is up to support the race

Chris is wearing number 4 and will run Waylon, Quito, Violet, Willie, Woody, Sandy, Bruno, Barista, Creamer, Decaf, Perky and McCaw 100 miles.

You will see a lot of yearlings on those teams so both Ruth and Chris will be running to give them experience, not to try to win the race.

Aliy, wearing bib number 3, has Amber, Junior, Lydia, Daisy, Nomex, Champ, Spark, Rodney, Scooter, Outlaw Scooby and QT. This is a ‘combo-team’ with some experienced and one yearling rookie. Aliy would like to speed some of the dogs up after the Copper Basin 300 march, but mainly have some fun.

Check out the full rosters here!

The Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association Facebook page and website has more details and will update during the race.

It’s going to be a fun weekend!

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    Thanks so much fpr this post – you guys are the best!!!

    Chena is thrilled to have Mr. Awesomeness himself (Chemo) as partner in lead for a 200 mile race where her team only has 9 doggies (36 paws) when the others may have up to 48 paws…

    Can this brawny bunch including Mommy Olivia and 4 of her kids, Mr. Feelings (Schmoe), Five and Iron, fresh off the blizzard that was CB300 – can they have a good time and make fast tracks???

    Wish I could be there – love the family feeling and really nice bar, too!!!


  • Nice pix of the teams on Facebook TR200/100 page!!!

    Our mushers may be considering this a fun outing, but looks to me as if leaders on the teams are exploding out of the chute!!!

  • So happy to see Five, Quito and QT in the line ups! Great job on the win Aliy! Great job all SPK athletes!

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