Ruth and the Red and Black 200 Team scratched from the Two Rivers 200 earlier this morning.

Allen and Aliy went to pick them up not far from where our teams camp during training runs. I’m not certain of all the details at this point but I know everyone is okay. As I understand it, Ruth felt that continuing on the final 30 miles would turn the fun and positive experience they’d had up until that point into a negative one especially for the youngsters. She officially scratched at Angel Creek Lodge checkpoint (the last checkpoint she was at).

We’ll get all the dogs and Ruth home, get another meal into them (Ruth will have given them a good meal at her camp spot) and get everyone to their beds.

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  • Putting the best interest of the dogs first. That's what we love about SPK. All our best to Ruth and the team.

  • Its all about making it a fun and good experiance for the pups….scratching must be a difficult decision but Im sure Ruth took that step knowing it was best for her Team. Good job Ruth!

  • Thanks so much for the clarification!!!

    Such good dogs, lucky dogs, to be part of the SP Kennel operation!!!


    Best always,

    Margaret, Chena's sponsor

  • Ruth – I have been thinking about you all day and am so sorry that you made it so close to the finish, but weren't able to finish. I am glad that you and the dogs are all ok. What an experience for novices Bean and Sanka to go so far. Thanks for taking good care of them and the rest of your small team.


  • Ruth, I never doubt the validity of an SP Kennel musher's decision to scratch. it has always been, & no doubt will continue to be, a tough but dogs-first decision. I look forward to following you down the next trail!

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