Ruth and seven of her Red and Black Team mates left Angel Creek Lodge checkpoint around 7.30pm on the final leg of the Two Rivers 200. They are heading towards the Pleasant Valley Store to finish sometime early Sunday morning. She and the team were excited to hit the trail again and are in good spirits.

It is likely she will stop the team to camp/rest along the way. The final leg is around 60 miles and Ruth’s main goal for the race was to get as many of the team to the finish line having had as positive experience as possible. Stopping to rest in the last leg will make it so.

She started the race with just nine team mates and left Five with Padee at the Pleasant Valley Store checkpoint, he was just a bit too tired to continue as he’s worked so hard through the hills of the first leg. Chemo did the final leg of the race in the truck, he’s a little sore after his big week and didn’t need to continue the race.

We’ll update when we can in the morning.

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  • Im sure Ruth will show those young pups a really good time….they are learning so much right now! Well wishes to both Five and Chemo…hope you both are on the mend and enjoy the extra attention as you rest up!

  • Best of luck getting back in shape – in tip top condition – to the guys on R&B Two Rivers 200!!!

    To Chemo and to brave lad "Five" (who's name could have been a reference to one of my favourite American paintings [DeMuth] – "I Saw the Figure Five in Gold") – fun fun fun is the name of the game!!!

    And thanks so very much to SP Kennel for providing all this excitement!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!

    And an extra "WOOF" to musher Ruth, who is so calm and makes it fun for the 4-legged team members, too!!!

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