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  • Thanks for the ride along! Won't be long and we will be saying hello to you all in Anchorage! Good luck with the Quest!

  • NICE….all the way from the "Tippy Tops" to Fort Knox! The Team looked great…lots of tight tug lines in that string of dogs. My goodness the lead dogs look so far away….what power….amazing run Red Team! Thanks for sharing!

  • I never get tired of seeing your view from the sled…dogs running, snow on the ground, trees with snow. Icy branches and the winter horizon. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks so much for these views of Alaska landscape in winter – and what a bunch of fast doggies!!!

    Can't wait to see them stretch out for the YQ300 and take those mountains in a single bound!!!


    P.S. Don't forget the cleats this year.

  • Thanks for the ride-it was awesome! It helps to see what it is like
    at the back of the dog team. Great dogs!

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