Woohoo! Congrats Aliy and her Red Team for their win in the Two Rivers 100 overnight with a time of 14 hours 3 minutes!

Red Team on the trail!

Chris and his Red & Black Team finished in 5th place with 14 hours, 47 minutes. That’s an awesome result for those yearlings!

Red & Black 100 Team ready to go

Thanks to handler extrodinaire Wes with support from Steve Parker, Padee and Mark. Thanks Team!

Aliy with Chris at the start line; Aliy and Wes

We will get more details once everyone is back at the kennel.

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  • Thanks SP Kennel crew on land and in the air (website)!!!

    Wonderful results in the 100 miler for Red Team, warming up for bigger and longer things to come!!!

    And how about the awesome R&B!!! So proud of all 2 and 4-legged team members in the TR100!!!

    Thank you so much Chris for allowing the greatest duo mushing in up front leadership to do it one more time!!! Like a smooth running machine!!!


  • WOW….that seemed like a FAST race…..100 mile sprint….no problem! Congrats to Aliy and the Red Team….Im thinking you found that faster gear you were looking for!

    Nice job getting the "kids" through their first race Chris!

    Looking forward to hearing about how they all managed the race….I still cant believe the Coffee Litter and Golden Harness Litter is in racing mode…..they grow up so fast…."sigh"….guess they are not puppies anymore!!!

  • Yeah, what Margaret, Cindy, Nessmuk, and tm all said!

    I hope Chipper's gal Padee isn't missing that Santa Rosa weather too much.

    You are all awesome!

  • Congrats to Aliy for winning but especially to Chris for giving
    the Coffee liter a positive run–5th Place! It's so exciting to
    see them running!

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