Let’s not forget about our ‘mature’ dogs. We have a few dogs here at SP Kennel who are not doing the hard core training for the Copper Basin 300 ~ starting in only 6 days! The rosters for the CB300 will be released this week but here’s a ‘heads up’: all three teams are comprised of dogs between the ages of 2 and 9. We have not been training the Yearlings for this race and we have not been training the Mature dogs for it either. So… what have they been doing? Laying on their backs chewing rawhide bones? Well, it’s a YES to the rawhide bones! But all these dogs have been on their own training schedule’s.

Quito and Nacho are the oldest dogs training for a race this season. They are both 10 1/2 years old. Of course, just like humans, “old” is relative. As we know, age is both physical and mental and, oh yea… has a little to do with luck. Anyhow, Nacho and Quito are physically gorgeous, fit and mentally they still want to do it. So they will get their chances this season.

Quito is enthusiastic, sassy and can move as smoothly as she did as a youth. She seems no different than she was 5 years ago. However, we know that she is older… like us … so we have been training her differently. Quito has been doing only some of the longer training runs but never on consecutive days. This is so that her recovery time is longer. She is also doing shorter runs in order to stay stretched out.

Nacho is a happy, happy dog! He is now a bit slower than his sister and much slower than the main Racers. His gait has never been smooth! (He looks like a raccoon loping across a picnic table.) So Nacho’s training schedule has been quite a bit slower in speed this year. Although he was never a main leader during his main racing career, he is leading most of the time now, so that he can set the pace ~ usually 7 or 8 mph. Slow and steady will also get it done!

Look for both Quito and Nacho to race in the Two Rivers races.

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    So glad you're letting us know what's up – especially with Quito and Nacho. We all understand about "race or run recovery" as the years go by.

    If Nacho is as spry as some Weston CT raccoons he should make a career out of leading here in his latter SPK seasons!!!

    It's got to be fun to do something well. Thanks again so very very much!!!

  • Happy to hear about these two VSDs (very special dogs) and know they are still able to get out and enjoy running even if not under the same pressure as the younger ones. Eager to see the CB300 lineup and which 'pups' will be racing in the Two Rivers. Love to follow all the SPK dogs and of course their human team members too!! Smooth trails and good runs all.

  • Queen Quito and Lengendary Nacho…..SPKs finest!

    So glad to hear they are doing well and are still being active teaching the young pups the ropes! I bet they like their semi retirement plan! 10.5 years old….all that talent and experiance to pass on!

    CB300….bring it on! And so it begins…..Sled Dog Racing Season is upon us!

  • Thanks for the update on these two special dogs. It's amazing
    to hear they still want to run! Go SPK!

  • Both these athletes are a huge part of the backbone and success of SPK! Thank you for continuing to include them in what they love most!

  • Aliy, Thanks for the up date and seems that prayers are being answered and the champ in you is coming out. You had asked for prayers to help you get past the ugly mess which showed till 12/19. That you be able to kick it into gear and focus on the coming season. From the sharing you have given here seems that things are getting back on track, We Can All say praise the Lord and the Aily is a testimony. Matt 6:33, prayers will continue through this season and be with you on the trail, listen for the quite voice it will be there in HIS full strength and blessing. Thanks Aliy.

  • Quito has a beautiful face, at every age, her eyes just seem to radiate intelligence. I love to look at her from every angle. Thanks Aliy for posting this. These two dogs will always be beloved.

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