We are very excited to see that Chris and the R&Bs are into the final checkpoint of Yentna! They pulled in at 10.27 this morning and they have a mandatory six hour rest stop here so can leave at 4.27pm at the earliest. He still has 12 athletes with him at this stage.

The conservative version of the race plan from here has the team resting during the final leg so, again, don’t be alarmed if you see the tracker stationary for a few hours. Chris will assess the team and the trail conditions and make the call whether to stop.

We heard from Steve earlier this morning and he said there is no new snow overnight in Willow and it is about 11 degrees. Denali cleared from the cloud cover to treat everyone to a glimpse.

Steve and Decaf have become good buddies in the few days they have had together!

Officials are hoping to fly the returned dogs back to Willow today so we will let you know once we hear more.

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  • Decaf has a new friend!! This has been a fun race to watch….nice and relaxing for us fans! The calm before the storm so to speak….YQ next!

  • Wonderful report!!! And the picture!!!

    Thanks ever so much and doesn't Decaf know where to show his gratitude for the fun vacation!!!

    And also thank you to both the SP Kennel procedures that were flexible enough to have Chris and his Dad venture into a new environment with Scout, Waylon, Woody and Schmoe and the adorable yearlings!!!

    Thanks again,



  • So happy to see Decaf smiling (of sorts! LOL) Chris is on the final run in as I type this. Awesome job by him and the dogs of course. GREAT run for the coffee litter.
    Go SPK Go!

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