Chris and his R&B Team left the start chute at 11.36 this morning.

L-R: Final line-up; the rowdy end; Waylon says “I got this Steve”

The final line up to start was Scout and Waylon leading, Woody and Sanka in swing, then Bean and Schmoe, Willie and QT, Creamer and Bruno, McCaw is running on his own then Perky and Barisa in wheel.

Unfortunately, he left without Decaf because somehow, sometime between vet checks and the start line Decaf knocked one of his back legs enough to cause some swelling and Chris didn’t want to risk aggravating anything by taking him. Decaf will rest for a few days with Steve in Big Lake.

Steve caught this video of them leaving the truck towards the start-line.

If you are having trouble viewing the video hit the “pop out” symbol on the upper right to watch via google drive

You will see in the video, on top of Chris’s sled bag is a bag of straw. Chris and the team will be running a VERY conservative race schedule taking much more rest than is required and breaking some of the longer runs into two with some camps in between. This will give everyone the best chance to get to the finish line and also be great practice for the youngsters to spend time in checkpoints and out camping. Don’t be alarmed if you see the tracker stop in the middle of the runs, he plans to stop often!

The trackers are up and running so click here to check it out – they are number #19. Also keep an eye on the Northern Lights website and Facebook page for updates.

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  • Waylon!!! Of course you got this! Handsome boy. Scout & Waylon in lead to start….so great! Love the mix of experienced with less experienced. I was watching the tracker and saw that Chris was being conservative. Love it! Want the young ones to have a good experience, and the older ones too. Decaf, young one, plenty of time to run in the future so calm down and rest the injury.

  • Thanks so very much for this!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!

    What an adorable race!!!


    Video played perfectly for me, and it is so awesome to be able to see these veterans helping make real racing dogs out of the yearlings!!!

    Go Woody!!!

  • That Team had a lot of ENERGY!! Hold on tight Chris!! So cool to see these young guns racing already!! Im sure Chris will have some tales to tell of the trail…always love hearing the antics of the pups as they figure this all out!

  • Great video–Thanks Steve! Waylon was really ready. Nice mix of
    veterans and youngsters. Go Chris-am watching your race! Taking it
    slow is great! I am a fan of Perky and Waylon-Hope they do you proud.

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