Chris and the R&Bs pulled into Talvista, the second checkpoint, earlier this afternoon. They will rest there for a few hours.

The trackers give us loads of great information to see what’s going on. In the view below you can see when, and for how long, the team stops in checkpoints or at their camp spot. You’ll see they camped for around three hours then their next stop was at Yentna checkpoint for the mandatory six hours plus time differential (the extra time lower bib numbers take to correct for the staggered start). The little ‘dips’ in the tracker are likely to be when he stopped the team to snack or replace a bootie or something and the tracker updated right at that moment.

The next leg is an out-and-back loop up Skwentna River and return to Talvista checkpoint where, as I understand it, the teams can use their same campspot and straw.

We can see from the race standings that he left Yentna with 12 dogs. At this stage we have no idea who he left behind as we have no way to communicate with Chris. We will find out once whoever it is returns to Big Lake for Steve to pick up. Until then we ask for your patience as we await further information. We’ve heard from Steve that they have had about four inches of snow there and are unlikely to be able to fly the dogs back today but they will be well cared for at the checkpoint by the vet team and volunteers. We will let you know more as soon as we can.

How’s that refresh finger – getting into shape for the Quest and Iditarod?

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  • OMG, I panicked last night I checked b4 I went to bed, and the refresh box hadn't been checked. He had "stopped" for like 7 hours! Well, until I hit refresh! Duh. No more laziness. Need to work that finger, take some joint care, and hit it!

  • I am exercising my finger every day as training for my portion of the Quest and Iditarod (which is merely cheering, watching, biting fingernails, hitting refresh, refresh, refresh…..)

    All the best!

  • Yes, we are all practicing how to refresh AND how to read all the tracker data! I'm sure many of us can remember how we would follow races based solely on the check point stats…how technology has changed….how cool is GPS for us fans!! Chris and his Team are taking it easy….making it FUN for those young pups!!

    Refresh, refresh, refresh!

  • Will be waiting to here his story and who he dropped. You bet we
    are ready with the finger. Bring it on! Go-o Allen!!!!


    Well this was a very educational post – thanks so much!!!

    So hoping things go well for the snowy dozen racers and Chris!!!

    Wonderful experience for these exciting newbies!!!


  • WE ARE ALL CHEERING FOR YOU CHRIS!!!!! A conservative race schedule will be good for the youngsters. Hopefully they can finish and have a safe and fun race and be ready for more afterwards. It's going to be a lot of work to get a majority young team to finish a race this long. Yeah – Nessmuck – before the internet (Ha – like when my grandparents talked about before the motor car) – we listened to short wave and AM stations to find out who was where in the Quest and Iditarod. NO ONE had live updates of mid distance races except local TV coverage. My, how things have changed! What great training. Chris and the dogs are so fortunate to have this experience.

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