Chris and 11 team mates are on the final leg of the Northern Lights 300! They checked out of Yentna at 5.06pm after just over 6.5 hours rest; with 72 miles until the finish line. As mentioned in the previous update, his conservative version of the race plan has the team resting part way through this final leg depending on the trail conditions and how he feels the dogs are doing.

We expect them to finish in the early hours of the morning. We’re excited for them to cross the line.


McCaw was the dog that Chris left behind at Yentna on the way out. He developed a sore shoulder and as he is a BIG BIG dog Chris wouldn’t have wanted to carry him!

Chris left QT in Yentna on the way home and she is already back with Steve in Big Lake. She developed a sore wrist in the previous leg and Chris felt it was better to fly her home to rest.

The both have had quite an adventure, getting to hang out at the checkpoint with all the volunteers and vet team then fly in a small plane back to Big Lake. They will have some stories to tell their team mates when they see each other at the finish line! Steve said they are both quite happy and have been reunited with Decaf at Matt Failor’s kennel this evening.

McCaw and QT caught the plane home

*Edit: updated with official information

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  • Chris and his Team are chugging along this morning….way to go Chris!

    Healing wishes to QT and McCaw….these young pups did great, now its time to rest. Bet Decaf got an earfull from the 2 of them!

  • QT is SUCH 'cutie'! They all are. Glad that Chris and the R+B's are on the final leg and safely continuing to the finish. Thank you for the updates. GO R+B'S!
    Hope all the Quest last minute preparations are going well 'back at the ranch.' Getting ready to follow the SPK teams.

  • The two pictures side by side really shows McCaw's size. Even though it has not been a speedy race, it has been fun to check in periodically to see where the team was on the trail and think about what is going on in the mind of the young ones….and experienced ones too. At his moment they are maybe 12 miles from the finish line. Nice job team!

  • Just a few hours and wow R&B seems to be in a race to the finish!!!

    My arithmetic skills are challenged, but it looks as if in six plus miles, R&B has to gain 7 tens of a mile??? Anyway, they are close to the finish!!!


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