Chris and his Red & Black Team have finished the Northern Lights 300! Good job team!

Schmoe and Scout led the team over the line and Steve managed to catch this quick snap of them. All the dogs have had a meal and are now in the dog truck having a nap, as is Chris.

The tracker information tells us that they did indeed stop for a couple hours enroute to the finish. My very rough “back of an envelope” calculation has them resting almost half of their total time. At this stage we are unsure of official times or their finishing position.

We are very excited to learn more about the race on their return home later this evening.

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    Wonderful job R&B!!!

    Just the training needed – made up for aweful tough conditions at CB300. The youngsters must be so full of themselves!!!



  • Congrats Chris on a job well done! Waiting to here the recap of
    the journey. Youngsters had a lot of firsts! Get some rest!

  • Congratulations to Chris and all of his R&B teammates! What a fantastic experience for the yearlings to complete a 300 mile race. This race seems well suited for a young team. Scout and Schmoe look like they are thinking that you never lose the thrill of crossing the finish line.

    Thanks to Steve for coming to Alaska to allow Chris to participate in this race. It was fun to follow this weekend.


  • Congratulations to Chris and the R&B team for doing something phenomenal and wonderful. Kudos to SPK for having the confidence and foresight to run this young team.


  • Congratulations Chris & the R&B ❤️🖤team on a great teaching and fun run of the sled kind 👏🏻. Denali & Joanne 🇦🇺

  • Many congratulations to Chris for getting the R&Bs over the line. What an accomplishment for the young ones, Chris, and the 'old' hands showing how its done. Way to go Schmoe and Scout for leading them home.

    Wishing SPK and all the four-legged wonders some rest, good food, and more adventures down the trail.

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