Blizzard conditions shut down the kennel for a day of shoveling, plowing and trail breaking. But, after that we were up and after it. It is GREAT to have snow ~ seems like a new world for a new year!

Here is a video from yesterday’s trading run:

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    Just what the fans were telling Santa they wanted for Xmas and the New Year!!!

    Thanks for this first video of 2017 so very, very much!!! "Training in…SNOW" indeed!!!

    The 4 legged team members seem thrilled to see the white stuff!!! and it so cool to see Scout just being "Mr. Cool" (he's so cool he doesn't need sunglasses)!!!

  • Love it! Hooray for snow. Kodia's tail wag was awesome. And LOL, Champ looking the wrong way. Gotta love confidence up front. The trail is absolutely beautiful!

  • SO happy interior Alaska got a good amount of snow….so please Mother Nature….keep the temps cold and top dress with more snow please!

    I love how Scout is always attentive, calm as ever….that is one seasoned sled dog! Happy SNOWY Trails SPK….just a few short weeks to the first big race of the season!

  • Nice to see Violet on your run! Happy Dogs!! Always nice to see
    enough snow for you all to enjoy. Maybe a bit more on the way in
    the next day or two. Go SPK!




    Just saw you had gotten in off the wait list for YQ300!!! And I loved your reasoning about why you were running the race, too!!!

    So happy for you and the dogs to have this chance!!!

  • Thank You Lord for bringing snow, so beautiful and even more so with the dogs. Now let it keep snowing and snowing and snowing. Thanks Aliy this was a video which brought smiles.

  • Love the training video! I am SO impressed by the way that you have such command over your dogs…; when you told them to 'LINE UP', they knew just what to do. Just AWESOME. Happy mushing. Keep safe.

    From Delaware. 8" today!.

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