SP Kennel sponsor, Bob Huston, is a community service ‘kinda guy’. When he heard that Aliy and Allen were in Anchorage in December for other sponsor obligations he jumped on the chance to do several motivational grade school presentations. The timing was perfect because the kids had a TREMENDOUS amount of energy ~just prior to Winter Vacation and Santa’s Visit!

Allen, Bob, Aliy and Linda Steiner before the Russian Jack Elementary Relay Races began.

Aliy and Allen talked for a few minutes about facing challenges – both on the trail and in life – and then we had a Relay Race. The kids first had to get dressed in Musher’s Gear, then push a small dog sled around a birch tree (blue chair) and back thru thick standing willow bushes (kids with their hands in the air) and finally return to hand off the sled to the next musher. BUT… before the next musher could start their leg in the relay someone from that team (Teams names were: Quito, Scout, Junior and Commando) had to spell a word – out loud. Believe it our not…the BEST spellers won the race! And that was TEAM Commando!

Aliy talks to the kids; Allen shows them how to push the sled.

Gearing up for the race in a Mushers Parka; Maneuvering around the “tree”.

The Willow Bushes were thick in the school gymnasium!.

So now that the SP Kennel Mushers have warmed up with both North Star and Russian Jack Elementary Schools Races perhaps they are ready for their own races… bring it on!

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  • WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!!! (Translation: Fun. fun, fun)

    So charming that SP Kennel goes back to school for inspiration!!!

    Every day is a new day and a new experience!!!

  • What an awesome experiance for the kids….they will remember that day at school for a long, long time!! There is nothing wrong with making learning FUN! Good job SPK AND also hats off to Bob for being a "community service kinda guy"! The world can use a few more "Bobs" out there!

  • Such creativity in the birch tree and willow bushes. The correlation between trail challenges and life challenges is huge. Sports challenges funneled in the right direction helps equip kids for life challenges in many ways. I know the kiddos were thrilled to have SPKennel in their classroom. And way to go Team Commando! The team names were awesome. I'm anxious for the racing season to start.

  • Thanks for sharing that. It is wonderful and heartfelt. From the pictures all seemed to have a great time. Who knows what seeds you may have planted for future mushers. Thanks for sharing. GBY!!

  • Way to give back.

    BTW, I just noticed that Aliy is now racing in the YK300. Awesome. I love "watching" you guys race. I just wish there were more races!

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