Are you ready?

The dogs sure are and we all will be once we have the last few things ticked off our to-do lists.

The Copper Basin 300 is one of our kennel’s favourite races. Not just because we have had much success at the race but also because it is a unique combination of tough yet beautiful trails and the team that put the race on is so great to work with.

This year we are excited to run over some trails we haven’t seen before as the snow cover (or lack of) on parts of the “usual” trail made it unsafe for 45 teams to race on, so the route is new.

The race starts in Glennallen at 10am Saturday morning and heads to the first checkpoint of Sourdough campsite. Then to Meiers Lake, around to Tolsona Lake and the final checkpoint is at Mendeltna Lodge, with the race finishing back in Glennallen 300 miles later.

The field is really strong and we are looking forward to stiff competition. Two Rivers is once again well represented!

SP Kennel is fielding three teams: Allen will run his Black Team, Aliy the Red Team and Chris is taking the Red & Black (R&B) Team. We will post team rosters closer to the time as we have not completely finalised the teams yet. We have another stretch-out run to complete before we make the final decisions.

The main handler team is Mark, Moira and Wes and we will mix and match accordingly over two trucks to follow and support the teams. Ruth will be back at the kennel taking care of all those left behind, after taking December with her family back in Norway.

Tomorrow we’ll post a coverage guide which will give you links to some of the other places to go for race information. Keep an eye out for that and you may wish to keep that handy during the race.

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  • Go SPKennel. Hope the warmer weather won't be factor. May the wind be at your backs.

  • I am so ready to follow SPK this race season!! Go mushers! Go dogs! Go handlers! I'll be following along & cheering y'all on down the trail!
    Welcome back Moira!

  • We look forward to great success for all the SPK teams this season! Mush on!

  • It's nice to see the season in full swing. Keep Warm & Go-O SPK!
    Welcome Back Moira and the rest of the crew. Thanks Ruth for
    holding the fort down. Everyone is so appreciated. Have fun &
    Go Get-um!

  • One of my favorite races that you guys run. I wish the three of you a great race and that the new trails carry Allen to another victory. Safe travels over to Glennallen and for the handlers following you around in the trucks. Go Dogs! Go Allen, Aliy & Chris! I'll be rooting for you in balmy NC.

  • Yes…we are ready to race here in the Adirondacks…..refresh, refresh, refresh….SPK All The Way!!!

    3 SPK Teams….36 dogs! WOW…the kennel is going to be quiet this weekend….Im sure Ruth will give everyone extra lovings as the remaining bench warmers will quite likely be missing their Kennel Mates. Extra treats for the bench warmers please!

    LOVE the Copper Basin….Magellan posted a great run down "strategy" of this race a few years back…I will have to look that up…it was helpful to understand how this race is structured!

    Don't forget to pack the harnesses!!! Sorry…I couldn't resist!

  • Does doing my weekend chores with one hand and checking the race status on my phone with the other count as multitasking?
    Good luck to all three teams! Will be cheering you on from Va.
    Welcome back Moira!!


  • Yeah, racing starts. Go SPK, all 3 teams. New race trails & strategy. Do the 3 of you hold one strategy meeting?(heh, heh)

  • "EXCITEMENT!!" Over The TOP!! Yeah race season 2017 has arrived, wishing you a champion start and then for it to follow all SPK teams through the 2017 race season!! We will be watching and tracking. Praying this will be the SPK Teams Champion Year!

  • Good luck to all at SPK HOPE Daisy gets a run but a big woof and a pat to all the canine athletes 🐾🐾keep warm but not too warm. Cheering from Melbourne Australia , Denali & Joanne .

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