The first 10 teams have arrived at Sourdough checkpoint. We can already see the drama unfolding!

Looking at the order of arrival, you can see that Allen was hot on the heels of Matt Hall, arriving just two minutes later. You can also see that Aliy made up many places, arriving tenth after her start in thirty-first position. No surprise, the rest of “the usual suspects” also had excellent runs and are clearly “in the hunt.”

Switching our view from arrival time to run time, we can see who is actually leading the race.

Once again, “Quick Nic” Petit showed his speed, running a minute faster than Matt and Allen. Ryne is already giving them a run for their money. In the next group, several mushers had very competitive times despite having to make many passes from their later starting spots. Aliy should be very pleased with her time, especially considering that I’ve been informed she carried Sissy in her sled for 30 miles.

We will give you a more thorough update on the teams — including Sissy’s status — as soon as the handlers get the full story from the teams. Meanwhile, the Black and Red teams are already resting, and Chris’ R&B team is closing in on the checkpoint… Stay tuned!

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  • Thanks for the update Mac….this is going to be a nail biter from beginning to end! Hope Sissy's injury is nothing serious….perhaps she even enjoyed the ride! I have to keep reminding myself its all about run times and not so much who is where on the tracker! This is an exciting race thus far…GO SPK!!!

  • Hi Linda. It looks to me like 3 mushers ahead of Aliy missed their start time. 2 of those started last and one started just after Aliy. I don't know if that really happened, but checkpoint times show it that way. Peg

  • Thanks Mac for the up date, It is greatly appreciated. GO – Go – Go SPK RED & BLACK!! Set God's speed to the winds pushing that sled.

  • I am not experienced as many as you are and I was listening to the
    starts with the out of order numbers. I hope they get this figured
    out and be fair with everyone. Thanks Macgellan for you expertise.
    I'm sure Aliy did the best for Sissy. The handler's will give her
    special attention and love which I'm sure will get her better soon.
    Go SPK!!!

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