I have just heard from Wes that he drove to Lake Louise Lodge (part-way between Tolsona and Mendeltna) to pick up Chris and the Red & Black Team. Wes reported that all the dogs are okay, as is Chris. Cell coverage was not great but from what I can gather, evidently Scruggs tweaked something and was in the sled bag, then Nelson and then Outlaw did the same. This meant, essentially three of Chris’ most powerful dogs were not able to contribute and there were still many hills to negotiate and deep snow on the ground with even more falling on the trail to Mendeltna.

The whole idea of running some youngsters in this race is to make it a positive experience and I know Chris was determined to make it that. This race has been challenging for many mushers and dogs with the weather and snow conditions. It sounds like Chris decided to pull the pin and scratch before it became a negative experience for the team.

The dogs have all be vet checked, had a nice big dinner with lots of tasty snacks and are napping in the truck at Mendentna Lodge. They will come back to Glennallen after everyone is rested and ready.

Please be patient as we gather more information but rest assured everyone is okay. We will update when we can.

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  • Great decision making Chris!!! Truly!!!

    Hoping that Scruggs, Nelson and Outlaw will get well soon, and this was a super tough tough race this year!!!

    Happy they made the lovely Mendeltna Lodge – great cuisine – and getting some rest!!!

    Good dogs!!!

  • Bummer about Chris and the Red and Black Team! Sounds like Chris did the right thing! Conditions sound pretty tough….darn sugar snow! Anyhow, sure looks like a close race….nice to see a strong showing from the women mushers!!

  • Thanks for sharing the info. Speedy recover for Scruggs, Nelson and Outlaw and thanks for keeping the youngsters (especially Five!) on a positive track. Looks like it was a tough race for many this year. All the best from Erie, PA.

    Charlene & Lisa

  • That first 300 race is no joke, and the Copper Basin is a difficult one. Chris and his teammates have a great new experience under their belt.

  • Great job Chris, taking such good care and keeping everyone safe and sound. Great decision making. Thank you.

  • Way to go Chris. Definitely better to scratch before it's no fun anymore for the dogs. Tough race and they did fantastic to have made it so far. An exciting finish is yet to come. Sending good energy out to the Black Team and the Red Team and all the other competitors and volunteers out there (2 legged and 4 legged) 🙂

  • What I love about SPK is the dogs are put first. Thanks Chris for taking care of the youngsters. Go SPK.

  • I'm sure it was a bummer since they had been doing such a great job but dogs first and never any question that anyone that Aliy & Allen let run their dogs has that same philosophy. It was a terrific effort Chris and I'm sure you learned a lot. We're proud to cheer you on the next time you run the R&B team.

  • 👏🏻👏🏻🖤+❤️Thanks for putting the welfare of the 4 legged athletes, first great effort in difficult conditions.Denali & Joanne 🇦🇺🐾🐾

  • Chris is probably disappointed, but the dogs are first.

    I have been wondering if Aliy has stopped and that is why her tracker is opaque. Has she stopped (due to problems like so many have had, or is it malfunction?)

    Dang – so close to the finish.


  • INSTAGRAM start pix for the three amigos – R&B's had Olivia and her lookalikes!!!

    Black and Red Teams awesome!!!

    Thanks so much for these snaps!!!

  • JUST a note: According to the run times only, Allen was the fastest!!! ("Checkpoint times" 4th down the list on the left of the cb300 website)

    I found this:

    At 2am, the records showed Ryne, Michelle, Paige & Allen in that order of finish; cumulative rest time ACTUAL was 18 for all 4; Cumulative rest time OFFICIAL 17:30 for Ryne, 18 for the others.

    AND this information as mentioned at the top:

    Cumulative RUN time order of finish – Allen (37, Ryan 37.42, Michelle 38.47 and Paige 39.23.

    So Allen did win in our minds…his run time was fastest!!! AWESOME BLACK TEAM!!! FAST PUPPIES!!! WINNERS ALL!!!

  • Sorry to hear this! You sure did great and you also did what was best for the dogs!!! Hang in there my friend! We are all proud of you!!!

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