Good morning! We hope everyone has had their first coffee and is ready for an update… Lots of action overnight as usual. I’m tabulating times now and will post analysis ASAP.

Meanwhile, thanks to SPK fan Mary-Beth, we have a couple of photos from Mendeltna. On the left, Allen checking in after another strong run. He dropped Chipper in Tolsona with a slightly sore tricep, now getting luxury treatment from the handler crew. Aliy checking in on the right, hot on the heels of the lead teams. She left Sissy in Tolsona after another episode of “the booty thing.” The vets couldn’t find anything wrong, but she just wasn’t her usual fabulous “Sissy-self” and Aliy decided to make a conservative drop.

Chris continues to run a strong race, currently in about 12th position with a shot at the top ten. He left Cayenne in Tolsona, simply because she is a little girl who got tuckered out in all the loose snow. It’s always better to drop a dog than set them up for failure on the trail. She is now sleeping in the dog truck after massage and snacks.

I’m going to make another cuppa and get after the numbers… Go SPK!

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  • Thanks to Mary-Beth for the photos! Great to see Allen and Aliy with a Moira cameo. Oh dear Moira, to think you pick Alaska winter over the wonderful Kiwi summer you could be enjoying now.

    This final run is going to be a real nail biter for sure. I'll be cheering for Allen and the Black Team! Chris is doing so well and of course Aliy is firmly in the thick of things. Go SPK teams!

  • It must be quite a devilment for the dogs: do I pick running in harness and camping, or hanging out in the truck for massages and treats? Either way, they get the best of the best.

  • Thanks for the update….you know how us fans can get when we see a dog has been dropped in the stats…..we can't help but worry about them, but of course find solace in knowing they get all the extra lovings and attention from the handlers as the Team leaves them behind! Hope they are all on the mend soon and enjoy the extra attention!

    I'm doing my Musher Math now and am looking forward to the next Macgellan post to check my answers…….what an exciting race! If I recall correctly, this race is taking longer than last year…must be the snow conditions have slowed the teams up quite a bit….like running on a beach, darn sugar snow!

  • Awesome fast turnaround on data, Macgellan!!! You are the bomb!!!

    It must be quite a slog for 4-legged team members – woof, woof, woof!!!

    Onward to glory!!! And treats!!!

  • Thanks Marry Beth for photos & thanks Mac for keeping us updated. And thanks to handler crew for keeping teams going and lovingly, excellent care you provide.
    Go SPK.

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