Congratulations Ryne Olson, on taking out the 2017 Copper Basin 300!

Firstly, I wanted to let you know it was Tinder that Allen left with us in Mendeltna before the final push to Glennallen. Tinder had been running well but once he cooled down and had his nap at the checkpoint his hind leg started to get a bit sore and swollen. Only as Allen was stretching the team out before leaving did Tinder appear sore so, 10 minutes before leaving in a very precisely timed checkpoint stop (I’ll tell you more about that later), he decided to leave him behind. We’ll let him rest over the next week or so and see how he recovers. (Thanks to Derek for running to get the vet for us)

As you know by now, Allen and the Black Team finished in fourth position behind superwomen with their super teams Ryne Olson, Paige Drobny and Michelle Phillips. We are so incredibly happy for Ryne, she is a good friend of the kennel and it was exciting to see her and her team crossing the line in first position!

Allen came in with Rodney fast asleep in the sled bag! As we saw from Aliy’s first leg – carrying a dog can really slow down your run time, especially a bigger boy such as Rodney. He is okay, he just a bit sore and tired, this was a really big deal for a two year old and he had been doing so so well up until that point.

Mismo and Izzy (edit: correction of leaders) led the team over the line and we quickly gave them a big meal, removed booties, harnesses, jackets and leggings. They got a massage and foot ointment then up into the truck quickly to get on with the serious business of resting.

Aliy and the Red Team came in sixth position behind Cody Strathe. She was also carrying one in the bag, Driver (edit: correction of rider) who has a sore right shoulder, slowing her speed down or, as Aliy said with a wry smile “we’re training slow and steady”. Chemo and Sparkie led for the entire race and both came in looking really perky. Everyone demolished their kibble meal or their snack meal (we give them lots of choices at the end of a race to satisfy whatever craving they might have – fish, beef, kibble, poultry skins…)

Chris and team are back and resting happily.

I am conscious that there is a big chunk of detail missing – I will work on a post with some details about Tolsona and Menteltna and I will also get a dog-by-dog account of the teams over the next few days.

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  • Thanks Moira and Macgellan for all your efforts to keep us in the know. We were pacing up a snow storm here. In fact another 10 + inches of SNOW. Great job to all 4 legged furry kids and awesome run to our Mushers and handlers Mark and Wes. Safe travels Home.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Fantastic work on everyone's part. Great finishes for Allen and Aliy. And a super effort by Chris and his team.

    I'm thankful everyone is healthy and safe.
    I hope everyone had some fun out there on the Copper Basin trails.

    Maybe when all the dogs have had their rub downs, the mushers might get a warm foot massage? handlers too?

    Good job Violet! <3

  • Congratulations to Allen,Aliy Chris and the SPK CREW but most of all the the wonderful canine athletes . Look forward to hearing how all the dogs went especially Daisy. Pats fand hugs for them all😘🐾🐾🖤❤️Denali & Joanne 🇦🇺🐾🐾

  • So glad both Red and Black Teams made it to the finish line in the tough snow conditions…and in very respectable positions at that! I must admit, those last 60 miles were anxious for us fans to watch after seeing Nic and Chris both scratch along with some other really good teams!

    Congrats to the Super Women Mushers…..what a Trio taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd!! Extra special congrats to Ryne for running such a smart and flawless race….you go girl!

    Chemo was in lead the whole time?!?!?!?! OMG….way to go my boy Chemo!! I had been wondering all weekend if speed demon Lydia got to take her lead position in those snow conditions, or if Chemo was needed the whole time to break trail. Good Boy Chemo!!

    Cant wait to hear the rundown of the race…this was a tough one and Im sure there are some good stories to tell in the background.

    Thanks again to Macgellan for doing such a great job once teaching us all the Math!! Well done! Us SPK Armchair Mushers count on you to get us through the CB300!

  • Job well done teams! Rest well and we will wait patiently for more. I so enjoy hearing about the young ones gaining knowledge and I enjoy hearing about the experienced ones doing their job well. Heal well and quickly Iron and Tinder, and everyone else. You are awesome!

  • Thank you. I stayed up as late as I could, but today is a work day, so I appreciate waking up to your report. Rest well all of SPK!

  • Congratulations to Ryne for a first place finish. And congratulations and hugs and TLC to Allen and the Black Team and Aliy and the Red Team and Chris and the puppy team. What a race. I hope Rodney and Iron are ok and I hope you all feel proud. You should be! Another good showing by SPK 4-leggeds and 2- leggeds. Can't wait to hear more. Hope you can feel our love and support while you all evaluate and recuperate.

  • Congrats to all the dogs and mushers for this great race and their hard work. Bravo to the finishers and their positions and : What a Race!! So proud of each of the athletes, human and super dogs. For Chris' team it was most likely a good decision, hope very much that each dog can recover all right.
    Thank you, Moira, for this update and glimpses of what goes on. This is great and much appreciated. Cheers to the handlers and SPK heroes. Hope you can enjoy a rest!
    Looking forward to the dog portraits!

  • Wonderful update, Moira!!!

    And in my heart, I am proudest of Allen and the Black Team's cumulative run times, #1 in my heart!!!

    What a tough race this year!!!

  • Thanks ever so much, in case I forgot to mention this fact, in previous missives in the middle of the night back in EST.

    The nobility of SP Kennel, the grace under pressure of all of the team, whether 2 or 4 legged, runners or cleaner-uppers, is astounding.

    As someone advised me many years ago (from the Tri-State Transportation Commission in NYC)after fighting around all morning over planning project funding – "Margaret, we must never lose our sense of humour," as we broke for lunch, walking over to Chinatown.

    Looks as if Red and Black Team leaders know all about that. WOOF!!!

  • Congrats to Ryne for her fine finish! Allen & Aliy taught her well and are great friends. Chris–you did the right thing setting up positives for the dogs in the future. Allen and Aliy we all are proud of your finish!
    Thanks to the SP Crew at home and on the road for the updates and
    your help with the wonderful dogs of SPK!

  • What a great race! The trackers had as much trouble in the weather as the teams did. A little extra rub for the mouse hands of the fans as well as for the 4-leggeds!
    You must be so proud of yourselves, the dogs, and Ryne as well. She obviously learned from the best, so why shouldn't she win?
    Great fun to watch. TIA to Moira for the upcoming posts catching us up.

  • Congrats to Ryne, Allen , Aliy, ,SPK handlers, Moira, Macgellan, and Super talented Dogs of SPK. WELL DONE to all. Get well Tinder, Iron, Sissy, & Rodney.

  • I watched the broadcast video of Ryne's post win interview …

    Allen, you are a gentleman and worthy of the title Grand Mentor.

    Ryne's team did not want to pass Allen's and Allen helped them around. I would not expect anything else from you, Allen. But still, I am touched by what good people, truly GOOD people, you and Aliy and all those around you are.

    .. and several youngsters really got a taste of the big time in a big way, didn't they?

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