Want to know how you can follow along with the Copper Basin 300 this weekend?

Firstly, I must let you know that our coverage will be unashamedly SP Kennel focussed!

We will have the team on the ground taking pictures and video and updating from checkpoints WHERE POSSIBLE. We are unsure what internet coverage we will have and will likely not be able to post directly from some of the checkpoints, especially Sourdough and Tolsona. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages as we might be able to post pictures directly there.

Once again this year we are so lucky to have Macgellen in our corner. He will update you several times during the race with his insightful and now famous race strategy updates. He will run the numbers for you and keep you informed. We have been sponsored the use of a Satellite phone this season by Kenai Satellite Phone Rentals so will be able to get in contact with Macgellan with some further “on the ground” details when we can’t post it ourselves.

The Copper Basin 300 website gives you lots of great information. There will be GPS trackers to follow, up to date checkpoint times and links to the race rules, musher profiles and other race information; especially if you are following other kennels and mushers. (What? There are other mushers?) Those of you following along remotely will probably have access to more information that we do at the checkpoints.

The CB300 Facebook page will also be of great help to get information as it is updated regularly from Race Head Quarters in Glennallen during the race.

You may consider taking part in the CB300 “Sponsor a Mile” program to support the race. Proceeds go directly to the race and help keep things like the GPS Tracker free and put fuel in the trail breakers’ snow machines. Thanks to those who already have done so.

The local radio station KCAM will once again be live streaming the start and you can tune in from anywhere in the world! Check it out on Saturday morning.

Click on the red links above to take you to the appropriate pages.

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  • Good luck and great mushing to all three teams (handlers and support people too). I'm so excited and can't wait to see the 4-legged team rosters. I sponsored mile 3 to get you off to a good start – take it down the trail!

  • Cheering for all three SPK teams –if you could be 1, 2 and 3 or even a three way tie!! Just kidding but know you will all run great races and we who love SPK will be happy and proud.

  • Yahoo….the eve of the CB300 is upon us!! Great post of all the nifty links….makes watching the race even thousands of miles away special and exciting!! Great to hear Mac is back with his excellent coverage of this race!! You have taught me lots about how to watch this race and I look forward to hearing your commentary once again! The SPK Crew is of course top notch…and I'm confident all 3 SPK Teams will race with a smile on their faces. Go SPK!!! Gotta love the Copper Basin! All us faithful SPK Dogloggers will be "Armchair Mushing" right along with ya!!

  • May God Bless you and the full SPK teams. Excited to see this race unfold. God Speed be with you and may heaven look down and smile and keep you safe!!
    Yeah the season has begun!

  • Good luck everyone. So grateful for the excellent coverage. Glad to know Mac is back. Really excited about the satellite phone! You rock, Kenai Satellite Phone Rentals, thanks for your of SPK and us fans!

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