Teams have been pulling into the Tolsona checkpoint, so we have some run times to share with you. Allen had a very speedy run with the SPK Black Team and picked up enough time to now be in the lead by 7 minutes. That’s not much in a field this good, but it’s still a lead!

Aliy and the SPK Red Team continue to turn in very solid times and are still in the hunt in seventh place. The handlers report that all the dogs are eating well and making the most of their checkpoint rest.

In the early morning hours, the teams will get up for a hot meal and head down the trail to Mendeltna about 50 miles away. By the time we’re having morning coffee, we should have more information to share.

Those of you who are CB300 veterans know it is always a nail-biting race to the finish, and this year promises to live up to that reputation… Go SPK!

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  • Macgellan, Thank you for your analysis. You explain it every year, but honestly, I don't think I would have the patience to do all of the math. I am one of those sports fans who just love hearing what the commentators have to say. Bottom line: I enjoy all of the analysis you give on any of their races. I am hoping you will be there for their future races. Thank you again!

  • Yeah, Allen and black team! Thanks so much Mac for your outstanding analysis. Thanks handlers for keeping the teams moving. A race to the very end. Go SPK.

  • That was a very impressive run of the Black Team into this last checkpoint! Glad to hear they are all eating well and gearing up for this next leg. Nearly 200 miles down….100 yet to go!! Come on SPK!!!

  • Wonderful news on Allen's run – GO Black Team, Go Red Team,

    WOOF, Woof, Woof!!! Thanks ever so much again, Macgellan!!!


  • And in looking at the stats into Tolsana, Allen has dropped a dog, as have most of the the leaders. but these are the suspect numbers page!!!

    Black Third, Red Fifth and R&B Seventh for SP Kennel at 3:40am EST!!!

  • Thank you for your time and detailed commentary. I am from the copper River area and you make me feel as though I'm in my front yard watching the mushers run by. Thanks again.

  • Thank you for your time and detailed commentary. I am from the copper River area and you make me feel as though I'm in my front yard watching the mushers run by. Thanks again.

  • Macgellan,
    Thanks for all the race updates. It certainly is exciting to read about SP Kennel's progress in the CB 300. Enjoy your coffee this morning. Can you let us know how Happy is doing?
    Thanks and have a great day.

    Maryalice Adams

  • Thanks for your analysis and charts, they are really helpful in figuring out what is going on. It is going to be a sprint after the final check point. Go SPK!!


  • No doubt Ryne and Nic will come out of Mendeltna pushing each other. Hopefully Allen can muster up the drive to stay in front of them, yikes!

    I'm not sure if I'm seeing this right, but I'm hoping Aliy can give Matt and Will a run for their money in the final leg.

    Go SPK pups!

  • thanks, M., great to follow. it was a little hard to watch Aliy coming into Mendeltna on the tracker ever since she crossed the lake early this morning : one wishes to run beside them and cheer! Good dogs! , the run time is almost the same with Micheles, just Ryne is ~ 30min faster then the rest, with Allen sharp on her heels.
    how is the temperature in Meldeltna? It seems warm from afar …
    Whom did she have to drop from the team in Tolsona?
    I think Chris did quite towards the lake after a slow stretch going North.
    Am exited to read your updates soon and looking forward to all the SPK news!
    Happy Day!

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