Some of you have asked for updates on required rest times remaining, so here’s an update. In the table, you can see the rest times taken by each of the top teams in the first three checkpoints. If you deduct their start differential from their cumulative total rest, you get the remaining rest time. You can do your own analysis — and speculation! — about various strategies for early rest vs. late rest by each of the teams.

The eight top teams have all “hit their numbers” exactly on 30-minute increments. Matt appears to have “lost” 12 minutes by overstaying at Sourdough. Ed Hopkins appears to have overstayed 5 minutes in Meiers and understayed 6 minutes in Tolsona. I have no idea how that will be worked out by race officials, or if it will even matter. I’ll update again when the teams have all left Mendeltna.

It’s hard to explain how complicated time-keeping is for teams out on the trail. Everyone is exhausted, hungry and cold. I can tell you from first hand experience that it’s very easy to lose track of the little things. It is a testament to ALL the teams that they get it right so much of the time… Go SPK!

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  • How much rest does Chris still need to take? Thank you for these analytical pieces. As someone else pointed out, YOU DA BOMB!

  • Because Chris is running a "puppy team" he is not on a strict clock strategy. His layover times are dictated by making sure the pups have fun. So, he has taken more than the required time at various checkpoints. That said, I estimate he will rest 3-4 hours in Mendeltna.

  • It will be interesting to see how Allen's speed holds up on just 2 hours rest on Mendeltna…I see he dropped another Team Member too. Both Nick and Ryne rested for 3 hours that they still owed…now its a real race to the finish….go SPK Black Team!

  • If I am correct, this is the race where in the very last part of the last leg, the teams (and I am mainly referring to the 4-legged team members, who are close end up with eye contact and a bit of confusion/aggression at a 90 degree corner???



  • Excellent information Macgellan! Thank you for cranking all the numbers for us.
    This is where I have to remind myself to breath.

    Go Allen, go Aliy, go Chris, go SPK pups!
    You're all looking great.

  • Go teams! Snowing 3+ inches again today in TWO RIV. Plenty of new trail breaking practice when you all get back here. Run doggies run.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Number of dogs out is found on the Copper Basin 300 website…scroll down and hit the Checkpoint Times button on the left side, when the spreadsheet pops up you have to scroll down to the bottom and hit the checkpoint you want to see….in this case it would be Medeltna…..then # Dogs Out is the 8th column over.

  • The Mendeltna checkpoint time sheet says Ryne still needs 30 minutes rest time?? If true, will they just add that to her finish time? There is a discrepancy at Miers with her time…there is says she had 4 hours actual rest time but then it says 3 1/2 hours official rest time?? HOw could those two be different?

  • Goooo Allen and the 4 competitor girls! Dogcare, spirit and cheering your awesome best friends: tough smiling musherines ! Bravo! Super SPK dogs!

  • This is all so exciting AND confusing. I was wondering about Ryne's rest time also – the CB300 chart says she still has 30 minutes rest time remaining. How does that work?
    I can't go to bed now; the SPK doggies and mushers are going strong. Thanks again, Macgellan, for all the info and explanations.

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