As the season starts to gather speed our thoughts start to look forward to upcoming races. Of course, one of the big ones on SP Kennel’s calendar is the Yukon Quest.

Canadian Broadcasting & Media Production Company Red Letter Films made a documentary series “Mushers: Conquering the Yukon Quest” during the 2015 race. If you haven’t seen it already, or you would like to see it again, you can watch it ‘on demand’ on Vimeo (click the red link to take you to the page). Red Letter Films say about the series: “It depicts the awesome and true relationship between the mushers and their pups” so check it out!

Watch the interview the team did with Allen before the 2015 race and see some fantastic action shots of the team training on the Two Rivers trails.

“…people say “Why do these dogs do this, and why do they do it for 1000 miles? The best analogy I can give is why does a black Lab go after a tennis ball? If you throw it all day long, it will go after the tennis ball. Why? Because it is bred into them. It is bred into that retriever to retrieve, it’s bred into these dogs to run, and they’re not happy unless they’re running.”

Visit Red Letter Films’ YouTube channel for more exclusive interviews and let them know how much you enjoyed the series.

If you ever have any questions about our dogs or kennel you can find lots of information right here on the DogLog (check the “About Us” and “Dog Mushing Basics” buttons or the search function down the left hand side) or email us directly on Email: and just ask!

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  • I echo Gaye's comment. I was quite distressed about "the other" film and often thought about Allen's comments, referring to the fact that a Sled Dog racing is no different that a retriever chasing tennis balls all day… me, I have a Golden Retriever and she WOULD chase tennis balls all day. LOL! Thanks for sharing this again!

    Charlene & Lisa

  • Sled Dogs are the HAPPIEST when they have a job to do….I think I am part Sled Dog!! They love this sport…probably more then the spectators and even more than the mushers,,,,,this is a dogs sport and we are all just along for the happy ride!

    The YQ is an awesome race….the Iditarod ain't got nothing on this race! Wishing snowy trails and safe passage up and over Eagle Summit this year!! ALWAYS a thrill for is fans!!

  • Great analogy Allen! Couldn't have said it better. Besides SP
    Kennel has the happiest dogs. That is truly because of Allen &
    Aliy. Thanks for sharing.

  • I watched most episodes of the documentary last year, but I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder. I will watch it again. It was educational giving information about things I didn't know about or had not thought much about… the pre-race trail work and jumble ice. Of course, Allen's interview was the best!

    There will always be naysayers in just about any area of life, just like there will be the good and the bad in every area of life. We know SP Kennel excels in the "good" and as you as you said in the "about us" section, you are definitely good will ambassadors of the sport.

  • And not to be TOO SP Kennel-centric, Aliy is the only female winner of the Yukon Quest 1000 miler (Yr 2000)!!!

    Best always,


  • I think the nay-sayers will always be around. But I just think of SP Kennel and – like Cindy said – the good will show itself and rise to the top. Way to go, Allen. I have adopted 'unwanted' sled dogs for 20 years and yes – all they want to do is run and pull and eat and sleep in my bed (!) and 'chase the tennis ball' (whatever that is for each individual) in their lives and have their tummies scratched. Over and over and over. My life has been enriched by these 4-legged family members. I don't race (a recreational musher) so I don't care how fast they go. Heck, some of them don't even want to pull. That's ok. They have a family unit here in my house in the woods. They can do – or not do – whatever they want. I am a slave to my 4 legged family. But of all the competitive racing kennels – yours is the best, by far. You find loving homes for the dogs that want to move on or aren't able to be happy racing. THAT is the best thing, in my book. Thank you. As the happy 'dog mom' to many 4-legged friends, you are the best. Thank you and keep doing what you're doing.

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