It has still been “chilly” in Two Rivers the last few days. Often times in the thick of winter, there is an inversion layer where warmer air rises in the hills — so we go train the teams where it’s warmer. We tried that a day ago only to find that it wasn’t any toastier up high.

Many of the dogs have protective jackets and all of them have booties on their feet. You’ll notice they are nibbling on frozen salmon — YUMMY. Several dogs have on neck lines. That is because we must cross a highway and travel several miles down a logging road. The dogs wearing necklines tend to have extra energy when we ‘stand still’ waiting for traffic. So this additional leash adds security that these guys won’t go play in that traffic.

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  • Yippee!
    thanks for the morning Chuckle. It will warm up today, it will warm up! Dogs look great! Did Chipper eat her Salmon Snack? Go Doggies, howling good fun!
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Aliy and Ruth, you are so hardy to get out there in that cold to allow those dogs to enjoy a nice trail run. They are so lucky to have you. Both little teams look fantastic. You're doing some wonderful work!

  • I knew immediately that big ole block head was Five!! These video ID posts are awesome….They look fantastic…..look at Nelson and Ginger chomping down on their snack…YUM!! Glad to see Pepe and Hottie in the mix too! Wedge girl…looking good!! Wow, Scooby sure looks like Mama Chica!!

    SO hoping for snow for you all soon!

  • WOW that is cold, could even hear the cold crisp snow under foot as it was walked on. BRR, but those days like that are fun for all and the dogs can run and run in that beautiful weather. So cold the moisture is out of the snow which can make great running snow. Thanks for sharing.

  • Go Schmoe & Scooter! Gotta have the cheerleaders on every team. Looks like all are happy and having fun despite the extreme cold. I think I saw yesterday that there is between 3 & 4 hours between sunrise and sunset in your part of Alaska.

    Hopefully there will be enough snow for the Two Rivers Solstice.

  • Tails a waggin' such happy dogs. I love to see them all like this. They have such loving faces when they look up.

  • Sure is nice to see the dogs and so excited. Aliy and Ruth you are
    very strong people to be out there in that cold but real mushers
    you are. Thanks for the video!

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