When Spicy was a racing dog, Greg and Vivian from Atlanta were her sponsors. They always kept in touch via cards and letters ~ even after Spicy’s retirement. Unfortunately they never got to meet Spicy at SP Kennel before she went home to New Zealand with Moira.

Last week Greg and Vivian were in New Zealand as part of an Australia/New Zealand cruise so Moira, her Dad and Spicy took a trip up to Auckland to meet them! They took in a local beach, an extinct volcano views of the city and a walk in the park.

We love when our dog sponsors get to meet “their dog” and we’re so happy Greg and Vivian got to meet Spicy. They really went “the extra mile” for her!

Thank you to ALL of our dog fans, sponsors and team members. Your contributions and enthusiasm for the entire SP Kennel philosophy is outstanding. We could go on and on about ALL of you, but let’s just say that the personal attention that our dogs receive from you is spectacular.

And if you were wondering… Yes… when we receive biscuits and dog treats in the mail ~ they are personally passed out (YUMMY)~; when a dog receives a Love Letter from a Fan ~ there is immediately a ‘Dog of the Day’ ~ when a dog gets a special bone delivery ~ he or she enjoys the tasty treat!~ The dogs are the reason we are dog mushers. This isn’t just a saying or phrase… it’s the SP Kennel truth.

So, if you are curious… we WILL be accepting Christmas and Holiday presents for the dogs. All of our dogs have different Santa’s Lists:

  • For the Racing Dogs and Yearlings: big, little or medium edible dog treats, real bones, rigid chew toys
  • For the Puppies: Rigid and Semi tough chew toys and smaller edible treats
  • For the Mature Dogs: Softer treats (not everyone has all their teeth)
  • For the Special Needs Dogs: Squeaky toys are okay (these dogs are always supervised with toys), dog beds, blankets or cushions

After the holidays, we will post a list and some photos of the dogs with their presents.

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  • I am heading to the fabric store…..maybe Rambler would like a new blanket and the other dogs would like some treats. 🐕 I am ready for Christmas (how did that happen?) so, I have a bit of extra time to send a care package to the dogs. Be on the lookout for a package from Virginia.

    Maryalice Adams


    So lovely that Spicy got to meet her SP Kennel-racing sponsors!!!

    Now that is my definition of going the extra mile!!!


  • "Yip Yippee, Yowl" says Chipper! Just what we needed a message from Santa Aliy that lets you know we are on Santa's Gift List,. We have all been Goood Doggies this year!
    Look forward to our treats. Thanks to Aliy, Allen and all the elves..
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Xmas came early for Chena's sponsor!!!


    Loved the packet, you note especially, and WOW what a hoodie!!! SOOO gorgeous!!!

    We hope to be able to send Chena some treats in the future… always,

    Merry Xmas in advance and glad to hear Chena still wrestles with the boys, her BFF's.

  • Ditto to Margaret! It's absolutely perfect. Thank you.

    Moira, Greg and Vivian all went the extra mile, very nice.

    Thanks for the tips on Christmas gifts, nice to know!

  • That was a cool story how Greg and Vivian got to meet their awesome Sponsor Dog Spicy after all these years! This post certainly put me in the Holiday spirit!! It's going to be extra treats for all at SPK this Christmas!! And Thank You for having a Dog Sponsor program for us fans to participate in….you guys make it SO easy for us to absolutely love each and every dog at SPK!! We of course have some extra special love for our boy Chemo!!

  • What a touching story. Great to hear and I'm sure it was a dream
    come true for everyone! Thanks for letting us fans know. Whomever
    has Lester, give him a hug for me–just a fan!

  • Can you give us a short list of preferred brands. Or alternatively, things to avoid? I know that the wonderful SP Kennel dogs need the best possible nutrition! Some stores sell deer antlers. Are these okay or not? Is rawhide okay or not? We all want to send the treats that you approve of for the canine athletes!


  • We'll put something together over the holidays. Good to know we can contribute some cool stuff to the team.

    Steve Laine

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