For those of you who have been crossing your fingers, toes and paws for snow… it WORKED! The white fluffy stuff is falling.
Weather service is calling for an impressive Winter Storm in Interior Alaska for the next few days ~ “Heavy Snow” predicted.

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  • Yes, yes, YES….Mother Nature has heard our pleas!!! I heard yesterday a big storm was predicited for you all…..thank goodness its all coming true!! LET IT SNOW!!!!
    We here in the Adirondacks are also bracing for a storm tomorrow and Friday….shall we both welcome the winter blessing…YES,let it snow…ESPECIALLY in Alaska!!!

  • Thanks so much for the news and what wonderful news it is!!!

    Personally, I think it is finally snowing big time in Two Rivers because the Olympics looked so adorable as your "Christmas card" in the Dec . 24 post!!!


  • And Yes the Lord shall answer prayers of faithful people Matthew 6:33; EZK 11:19-20. Amen! Thank You Lord, bring, bring, bring huge footage of snow. Let it snow and pile up to touch heaven. Thank You! And all the people said.. Amen! lets all shout it and keep up the prayers.

  • Wonderful Winter Wonderland for the four legged dogs and Mushers!
    Saw it predicted but wondered if it came true—YES!!!

  • Beautiful!! Just wish some would head over to the East Coast. Thanks for the pictures. Happy New Year!

  • Yeah, prayer and group positive energy is working.
    Keep Up The Collective Snow calling power!

    Weather From Alaska Dispatch News: Winter storm hits Western Alaska coast on its way to Fairbanks, Anchorage
    Much of Alaska was under weather warnings or advisories as a winter storm moved east across the state on Dec. 29, 2016.

    Parts of Nome and Kotzebue lost power Thursday as a winter storm rolled over Alaska's western coast, while communities across the state braced themselves for possible heavy snow and blizzard conditions as the storm moved east.

    National Weather Service meteorologist Steven Vasko said Kotzebue was experiencing "basically white-out conditions," with wind gusts of 55 to 65 mph. A blizzard warning remains in effect for the Baldwin Peninsula and Selawik Valley — including Kotzebue, Selawik and Noorvik — until 3 a.m. Friday.

    Much of Alaska was under weather warnings or advisories as a winter storm moved east across the state on Dec. 29, 2016. (NWS)

    Around noon Thursday, a Kotzebue Electric Association employee said the utility was working on restoring power.

    "We just got one section of town back on, and now we're going to work on another part," said office manager Martin Shroyer. He didn't know how much of the town was hit by outages.

    Kotzebue City Clerk Linda Greene said "every business and organization in town is closed" because of the storm.

    "You can't even see across the street," she said.

    Nome experienced intermittent power outages from about 11 p.m. Wednesday night through 5 a.m. Thursday as a result of the storm, said the Nome Joint Utility Systems general manager John Handeland.

    "We didn't lose the whole town," he said. "I don't think people who were out (of power) were out more than an hour, hour and a half."

    He estimated that there could have been about 150 to 200 homes without power.

    Meteorological technician Robert Murders in Nome said that while the area is only under a winter storm warning through 6 p.m., Nome is also under a coastal flood warning Friday.

    "We've got another one coming," he said.

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