Chris and Aliy left the yard with 8 dogs per team. They went on a long afternoon/ evening training run. The teams ran out of the yard 30 minutes before the sun set at 2:49PM.) Needless to say, it was a gorgeous run.

Aliy Heads out of the Yard with Chena, Scooby, Nomex, Spark, Five, Rodney, Sandy and Ernie.

Chris’ Team (Woody, Chemo, Driver, Ginger, Driver, Outlaw, Hotshot, Cayenne and Wedgy) cross the SP Driveway.

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  • So nice to see you all training on snow and sleds!!! Sounds like a fun training run….wow….that Woody looks like a big boy up front!! And a shout out to our Chemo Boy….hey there Buddy!

  • Aliy, next time you're planning on leaving Allen at home alone, give me enough time to get there from Virginia! LOL. The other Ruth

  • Thanks ever so much for these photos of…SNOW!!!

    And that includes fir trees with snow – now we know it is getting to be racing season!!!

    And what a lovely picture of the dogs – both front as well as rear-views!!!


  • BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the snow on the trees. Sandy in wheel brings back memories of seeing her in the 2016 Iditarod and I think she was usually on that same side. I just watched the Blueberry Hills video that Aliy took. In the archives it's titled "Dawn at the Coast". Such a beautiful landscape. Go Sandy!

  • So glad to see the SNOW! Dogs looking wonderful–let's go racing!
    Thanks for sharing with us. Keep Warm Too!

  • YEAH!! Snow has come and laid down and stayed so can train in the snow. Beautiful pictures, Thanks.

    We have no snow here we have been training with land units. Dogs here love it and I know they look up north here and see the snow capped mountains here wishing the snow was at 6200ft level. For now the snow is still at 13000ft level. Hopefully it will drop. Glad the snow has come to you all.
    Aliy, I was in Prescott AZ last Saturday for the Christmas Town lighting of the Christmas lights and caroling. I was there with some of my gang who were howling with the excitement in the air. Folks were admiring Shiloh and Honey Bear both high percentage Arctic wolves. A lady came up and we began to talk about Alaska, the Iditarod when she shared she is friends with folks who live in the Fairbanks area and are personal friends with you. She asked if I knew of you or was familiar with you. I shared I knew you from watching the Iditarod Race each year and pulling for you and praying this be your year in Nome. I shared that you spend time each day sending great daily emails which I love and look forward to each day. I shared with her the Iditarod website and yours with her and suggested she get involve. Imagine that here in a northern mountain town gathering for Christmas lights the conversation turns to an enjoyable subject, the Iditarod and you Aliy.

    Glad you all have snow enjoy, train hard and may this be your year to Take The Iditarod!! GBY!!

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