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  • how sweet of you to post this awesome video of the dogs getting treats from the fans. wishing you a speedy iditarod!!

  • That was the best video EVER!!! Thank you so much!!!

    So many wonderful doggies being given so much love!!!

    From all over the world, I'll bet!!!


  • So nice – I watched it three times already. What happy (and good) dogs! Thanks so much for this video.

  • HoHo Ho!
    Way to ms Elves! you certainly went over the top on this one Aliy! You spoil us fans and sponsors so much. Thanks for the great video Wendy. "Mush On Gals, Guys, and Doggies" time for racing season chores and practice runs now that Xmas is done!
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Thank you, that was fun! I see that snowstorm is probably going to happen up there. It will be nice to start the New Year with enough snow to run on for a while.

  • Such fun to watch you share the love!!❤️️
    And a very Happy New Year to you and yours! I'll be doing my armchair rooting for you again soon. Safe and speedy travels!!

  • Wow what an awesome video of Elf Aliy & Elf Wendy giving treats to all the dogs. You just thrilled my heart This will be watched over & over. My dogs were very excited to see the video also. Thank you so much, Aliy for over the top excitement. You are such a fantastic person.

  • WOW Wendy and Aliy,
    Thank you so much for this amazing video. I loved every moment.
    Rowan perked up and listened to every word your dogs said too.

    By far one of my favorite videos of all time, I appreciate everything you did to make it happen. You're amazing!


  • Wow…a round of treats for the ENTIRE SP Kennel!!!! WE DID GOOD ELVES!!!! SO glad to see all the dogs enjoying their treats!!! I must admit I think this is the first time we have heard our boys Chemo's bark….we smiled ear to ear to hear his voice!! LOVE you Chemo….and all your Kennel Mates!! We especially love the shot of Nacho with his bone….what a happy, happy dog! I will watch this video several times to fully enjoy ALL the dogs! Well done Elves Aily and Wendy…well done indeed!!!!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to help Santa and spoil some pups Aliy… it was fun watching the video (over and over) and it was fun helping Santa pick out the treats.
    Happy Holidays

  • That was really fun! SPKennel dogs must have been very, very good this year. They all look so good. Glad you are finally getting some snow. Thanks for the fun video!

  • The Elves and Santa were a BIG hit with the four-legged wonders. Up close and personal with the dog yard was amazing stuff. Thanks to Elf Aliy and Elf Wendy for making it happen. This will be my go-to video for a long while. May snow and smooth sledding make the holiday season bright. Cheers and a triple Woof…..it was so nice to hear their barks.

  • Elf Aliy and Elf Wendy, Thanks so very much for a fun and warming video. This is like a Christmas Gift from you up there, Thanks. Love them dogs. Watching he video my 7 that live in the house with me got excited and began to Hy-bird wolf talk and howl, such great fun. That makes life rich beyond words, thanks so very much for sharing. Like we say here: This House and Ranch owned and operated solely for the comfort and convenience of the Dogs. GBY All Up There.

  • Thanks so much for the fantastic video. I haven't stopped smiling yet. This will be our favorite for a long time. It was a blast helping Santa decide on treats and what a joy to see the doggies enjoying their goodies. That was really special. Cheers and Happy New Year to all SPK.

    Ann and Tom

  • So glad we can send things up! Dang, I did not yet my treats sent up but this was so great, feel bad my guy Kodiak did not get a gift from me yet!

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