Gold, Prata and Bronze are growing up. They have had great fun with Ruth exploring many of the neighborhood forests, learning to come when called and racing each other across the fields. But as they become older they have become independent pups. There personalities are truly blossoming. Each pup deserved personal time and soon they will have full time individual homes. This has become necessary as the threesome have recently had a few ‘discussions’ about who is taking up too much space in their puppy house.

In order to prepare the youth for their own houses they are given individual collars and are walked on leashes. Sometimes this happens in a group (quite challenging as you will see) and sometimes individually. This way the youngsters will be completely comfortable adjusting to their own homes. Their houses are situated in a tight group so that the three can play and harass each other as much as they desire but can sleep independently.

Ruth took this video while walking the threesome ~ quite talented!
Thanks Ruth.

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