Congratulations to The Willette Family who are a fans of SCHMOE!

Schmoe is a true sweetie. He is mega excited to run, eat and howl. It’s amazing to think of all of his amazing accomplishments: he is a Yukon Quest and Copper Basin 300 champion and has run in the Iditarod five times. Along with all that, Schmoe simply makes us smile!

The Willette’s will receive a holiday themed “glam” shot of the puppies (we’ll share that with y’all next week), some SP Kennel goodies and a glossy glam of Schmoe. We hope you enjoy your packet!

We will have a bonus Christmas draw next Friday and everyone who has joined by then and hasn’t already won will be in the draw to win!

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  • Schmoe….gotta LOVE Schmoe!! He is an amazing SPK Sled Dog…look at that resume!! Enjoy your goodies for being a Fan of Schmoe….Congrats!

  • Joe-Schmoe… you are amazing. What a wonderful Christmas present. Thanks to the humans and all the dog-stars at SP Kennel. Hope you get more snow with Christmas and have a howling good time during the holiday. Woof, Woof

  • Awesome! Very cool seeing nothing but a full moon on a black sky and hearing the chorus of howls. It's finally cold enough here in central Oklahoma to wear an SPK beanie while walking dogs at the shelter today. 4 degrees with -12 wind chills currently and a dusting of snow on the ground. Not quite as cold as Two Rivers, AK gets, but pretty dang cold for us. Thanks for the howl!

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