I was driving home yesterday and thought how G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S it was in front of me. Since many of you have never driven the last mile to SP Kennel, I invite you to come with me now! I used a Dire Straits song, “On Every Street”, because I think of the last mile to home very fondly and I hope you think of the last mile to your home the same way.

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  • Never wrong setting great scenery to Mark Knopfler. Nice to see Skunks Place in the winter; just need a team of dogs in front of you on the run home after a good 50 mile trek. Looks like you finally have enough snow for some good mushing.

  • PERFECT!!! Thanks so very much for this!!!

    Yes, and what a wonderful beautiful video – note sun shines as your approach the kennel and…


    So beautiful, 4-legger team members and puppies!!!.

  • Gorgeous ride home…we have a similar last mile home here in the Dacks! LOVED the slideshow at the end…my friend Carrie and I here at work did pretty darn good naming the dogs as they popped into view! Hope you all enjoy your extra seconds of light today!

  • This was beautiful, Aliy. I felt myself breathing a big sigh as you drove along the road. Felt like home. And thank you for all the wonderful photos of the dogs. Especially Woody!

  • What an awesome drive the last mile home. Thanks so much for the video, I thought at first you were in Hollywood until I saw the crack in the windshield. Thanks for putting all the dog's pictures up, I was able to name almost all of them. It is great to see more snow. Enjoy the few more hours of daylight now.

  • Thanks for the invitation. I enjoyed the ride home with you. There is a great sense of contentment and peace in this, as well as the pure beauty of where you live. And of course the dogs at the end wrap it up nicely as they are a big part of your home….and what connects us. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Thank You Aliy, That was touching and beautiful. Yes as I close in on the miles to my place out on the edge of BFE and civilization, the sweet sights of the mountains covered with snow and the feeling of exhilaration of getting home to my kids WOOF WOOF who will be so glad I have returned is special time and lift to the spirit and soul though the flesh is tired. Thought come seeing them all hugging them all and the reception they will have, OH YEAH the last bit to home brings feelings and thoughts like nothing else does. Leaving everything behind as come through the gates and close the world outside. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Thank you, Aliy. Don't know if it's the season or just the fact that I can't control my obsession for all things AK/mushing/nature/AK, but this brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful. As one who realistically, will probably never realize my dream of visiting AK, your videos help to feed my passion. Safe travels. Can't wait to see your and Allen's journeys this race season. God Bless ! ! !
    AnnTM and BayLee Rose
    Onset, MA

  • It is a pleasant memory traveling the last mile and we are fortunate to have taken the ride many times. Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and a have a fantastic, and fun, New Year (and racing season) to all at SPKennel – past, present and future.

  • I really like this! Very peaceful. Today I needed this. So glad I pulled up the page. Happy Holidays to you and Allen and Moira.

    Steve Laine

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