Office work is H-A-R-D. We are done for the day!

All the goodies have arrived, been sorted, sized and repacked. The packets and boxes brought to Trailside Mail this past Monday.

Hopefully we got them out before the Holiday rush is on.

If you have ‘Joined the Team’ then your packet has been compiled and mailed as well.

Thank good ness for 40 BELOW days or the crew at SP K would never get our indoor chores completed!

The helpful packing crew (Tig, Scout and Scruggs) waits indoors for their next assignment. If you have any dog hair in your envelopes… well… lucky YOU!

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  • Dog hair is wonderful. Your helpers look like the A team. Good job. Have you had more snow or just cold temps?

  • Having an Iditarod trail-worn bootie, complete with dog hair is one of my prized possessions. Happy holidays to all, and a wish of plenty of snow for the races this winter

  • Hoping for dog hair…..maybe that's a new part of the team packets! Aliy, you look pretty comfy in that chair!

  • OMG!!! ChaCha!!! I so love ChaCha…

    I hope I get ChaCha's doggie present!!! WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!!!

    And give Rambler a big kiss from me – I remember how he always loves to join you on the computer…

    And ditto to all who have noted the NICE snow cover approvingly!!!

    Looking forward to the package, fondly,


  • Sure nice to see Rambler again. Give him a hug for me!
    Thanks for your posts. How nice a view that you have of
    the dog yard. Great set-up!

  • Great Pictures, Thanks. Rambler look so comfy in mom's arms! Nice view of the dogs area they are so fortunate to be with you and be so well taken care. GOT TO LOVE THE DOGS!! They give real meaning to life with purpose. Thanks.

  • Hi Aliy, hope all is well. The emails daily have become something very much looked for and very much appreciated. This blog submission is just hoping all is well. Did not see a email from you all on the 9th. Letting you it is very much missed. As I shared it has become a high fun spot of each day, Thanks. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into the emails. GBY!!

  • Scout really looks the part of Leader of the Pack, and my sincere apologies to him for mis-identification – however he does have his Mommy's great looks. WOOF!!!

    Thanks so much again for sharing these fabulous pictures!!!

  • Oh my what work you had to do and how grateful we are with our hoodies. The trouble you went through to customize them with Kodiak's name on them – amazing! Thanks so much!! We got them last week here in San Clemente and they are really great looking with black and red with logo on the front love love love them!!

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