A training run last week brought my dog team to a high ridge just to the north of Two Rivers. The view was amazing and simply HAD to be shared. Honestly… it took some effort to dig out my video camera that was buried deep in my insulated under parka pocket (trying to keep it warm.) But I think this video clip is truly worth it. I hope you enjoy.

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  • Awesome – wow!!!

    Thanks ever so much for a view beyond any for grandeur!!!

    Most grateful.



  • Lovely Aliy.
    Dogs look good Too! I know it was warmer up on the hill than -26 at home. thanks for the continued connectedness to the training and kennel happenings. Ahowlllling good fun.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Good luck to you this coming year! After losing my last Husky 3 years ago, I have finally added one into my home. Please don't be offended, but she's named after you. If it makes you feel better, my last one was named DeeDee.

  • OH YES THERE IS A GOD, for man could not make such beautiful wonderful looking area and the then add the details you captured on the video! Thanks Aliy for sharing such beauty. Looks like a good beginning to the snow count, hope it continues and piles up. Aliy wishing you exceeding abundance of heavenly blessings this year and that you capture the Champion position which you are a True Champion. The dogs look great and seemed to enjoy the break as well. Thanks for shooting that footage and sharing it. GBY!!

  • Gorgeous!! And to think you will be making your way over the Alaska Range waaaay over there in just a short 3 months from now! This is Solstice eve now….return of the sun will be upon us soon….longer days and hopefully more snow will come with the Holiday!!

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