The Yukon Quest has several fundraisers throughout the year. This past weekend the ‘Bunny Boots and Bids’ was held in Fairbanks.

Believe it or not… Allen wore a tuxedo to the event — which was sponsored by Alaskan Floral And Wedding. He was not alone with his attire selection. He was joined by YQ veteran mushers Hugh Neff, Paige Drobny, Mike Ellis, Matt Hall, Ryne Olson and Cody Strathe. Rookie mushers Jeff Deeter, Ben Good, Noah Pereira and YQ300 musher Chase Tingle all looked sharp as they served appetizers prepared by the UAF Community & Technical College Culinary Arts students and staff.

Beer and wine tasting was courtesy of sponsors Alaskan Brewing Co. and K&L Distributors.

A fun night had by all!

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  • Allen "cleans up" nice!! Always nice to see Ryne too! Sounds like a fun time….makes me wish I lived in Fairbanks….ya'll get to have all the FUN!

  • WOW!! Alan cleans up well, you must be proud of him.Ryne looks OK with him but you with Alan would have given us a picture to save and post on the SP wall. Thanks for the email, I look forward to them. GBY All.
    Makes me want to move to Alaska and be more of the happenings there then just online.
    Prayers to all and wishing all a great, wonderful blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!

  • Ditto the above comments! Red is a great color on both of them. looking swell friends. I'm guessing they both showered as well. It kinda calls it even to when Aliy and Moira dressed up fancy flowing dresses last year for the ANC event- yeh NO.
    Padee Fairbanks

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